Open GL texture problem


I can´t see textures, anyone else having this problem? Everything else works like a charm with my video card, Nvidia 5750. Color chances show, no text problems or anyting like that, just no textures . I tried all the available display modes, both on my own stuff as well as on the scenes you get with Messiah, like the clown fish.

Best/ Aron


Do you have UV Maps in your models ?
Were the textures applied in messiah ?



When you say it I´m going to see if procedurals like AoN work, textures don´t regardles if they use uv´s or other mapping types. In the clownfish scene for example, the fish is all orange and don´t have the white textured parts that the pictures in the online manual shows.


Remember to set the ViewMode of the textured object to “Texture”
This is in the item list (Hidden, WireFrame, Solid, SolidShade, Smooth, Flat, Texture etc etc)


Done that, tested every one of the modes with no luck… Guess it´s an open gl problem. If you load the clownfish scene does the texture show?


This is a stupid bug pmG introduced in one of the latest versions. Since they did implement a new texture projection, all the modes were shifted one enty downwards, all older scenes with UV mapped objects are now set to Front Projection when opened in the latest versions. You have to go through all the materials and set them to UV again and choose the correct UV map from the list. After that, it works here with the clown fish scene.

You will see only image maps that are directly connected to the color input of the main material though. No Procedurals, no AoN and no fancy shader trees. And no image sequences etc. either… :frowning:



Thanks Thomas will try as soon as I get home. :slight_smile:


It is strange that the values in the drop-down list are hard-connected to the actual objects they represent. Barring the use of an enumeration, or a mapping, the new feature should have at least been added to the end of the list. I wonder how old Messiah’s code is? I don’t get the feeling that there is a very clean separation between presentation and logic. Plus, there are a lot of things about the application that are static that could benefit from being refactored into something more modular and dynamic…kind of like Messiah is outgrowing its original architecture.


Yes, the dropdown entries are always integers from 0 to number of items-1 and not seperated from the interface representation.
I agree with you completely. The deeper you dive into the SDK the more this becomes an obvious limitation and obstacle and I wonder how many bugs are caused by this approach.
While I am always amazed by how far and fast you can get with clever macros and linear C, I don’t have the best feeling in my tommy for the future growth of the app.

Let’s see what they come up with…



Got it to work :thumbsup: It was the little bug.


It’s obvious from my frequent posts about 3D math that I’m not very experienced in that area of programming. But I do have years of experience designing and imlementing software applications. I wonder how they would feel about coders volunteering to clean up the architecture and other menial tasks? My guess is that it is rather presumptuous on my part and would be taken as a personal attack on their programming ability, but I certainly wouldn’t mean it that way!


Great :thumbsup:

Leebert: I definitely think a better quality management and design guidance combined with some kind of - maybe external - supervising could help a big deal. Too much in messiah is just forgotten or feels like someone didn’t have the time or patience to finish it.
The basic concept of keeping it fast, simple and easy to use is only working if it is kept very straight throughout the program. While rigging shows exactly that wonderful approach, other parts of the software leave that track completely.
Something as basic as the File dropdown being organized completely different as the right-mousebutton File menue (especially the docs hidden in there) is a simple but very clear example of that problem.

But I can’t imagine that “restructuring” the code base is really possible?

However, I wish you all a nice day :slight_smile:



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