Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Rembrandt Master Copy - with Rebeccak 016



    Welcome to the [b]SIXTEENTH[/b] thread of the [b]Open Figure Drawing Workshop!!! [/b]
                   This workshop is open to any medium and any style. Some informal moderation 
                        will be gladly provided by Rebecca Kimmel ~ however, the purpose of the
                        Workshop is for Artists to interact with and informally critique one another’s work.
                          [b]Due to the popularity and outstanding success of the previous Master Copy Workshops, we will be continuing this week with another Master Copy Workshop! This week we will be working from a choice of 4 new Master Paintings by Rembrandt: 
     Note: This Workshop will last 4 weeks. 
             Choice 1: (See below for links)[/b]
    Rembrandt (1606-1669)
    Self Portrait as the Apostle St Paul
    Oil on canvas, 1661
    35 3/4 x 30 1/4 inches (91 x 77 cm)
    Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
             [b]Choice 2: [/b][b](See below for links)[/b]
             [/b]Rembrandt (1606-1669)
    Titus van Rijn in a Monk's Habit
    Oil on canvas, 1660
    31 1/4 x 26 1/2 inches (79.5 x 67.5 cm)
    Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
         [b]Choice 3: [/b][b](See below for links)
    [/b]Rembrandt (1606-1669)
    Portrait of Johannes Wtenbogaert (1557-1644), Remonstrant Minister
    Oil on canvas, 1633
    51 1/8 x 40 1/2 inches (130 x 103 cm)
    Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
         [/b][b]Choice 4: [/b][b](See below for links)
         [/b]Rembrandt (1606-1669)
    Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem
    Oil on panel, 1630
    22 3/4 x 18 inches (58 x 46 cm)
    Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
         >>RULES FOR THE THREADS<<[/u][/color][/b]
                                                          [/b] [left]1. Photographs are the property of []( and are copyrighted as such.
                                                         2. The drawings created from the photo reference provided here [b][color=PaleGreen]MUST [/b]be[b] TASTEFUL,[/b][b] SINCERE, RESPECTFUL, [/b]and for the purpose of serious study of the human figure. Those who post silly, disrespectful, or tasteless work will have their [b]posts deleted immediately[/b][/color]
         and will no longer be allowed to post on this thread. Rebecca Kimmel reserves the right to determine which drawings are considered to be in poor taste and / or disrespectful to the Reference used here in the OFDWs.3. There is[b] [color=PaleGreen]NO TIME LIMIT[/b] for posting on this thread. [/color]
          3. Typically, new threads containing new photographs will be posted on a bi-weekly basis ~ however, for this Workshop, 4 weeks will be allowed before the next OFDW. 
                  4. There is [b][color=PaleGreen]NO LIMIT [/b]to the [b]NUMBER [/b]of posts an artist may make. However, we ask that you post only [b]your[/b] [b]BEST WORK,[/b] even if it is considered unfinished.[/color]
                  5. Artists who post comments and critiques of other artists' work on this thread must be [b][color=PaleGreen]RESPECTFUL, POLITE, [/b]and offer [b]CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.[/b] [b]Flaming [/b]will be [b]NOT [/b]be tolerated, and constitutes dismissal from this and other threads.[/color]
          6. I will be offering the occasional comments / critique ~ however, the main focus of the Open Figure Drawing Workshop threads should be on Group Critique and interaction. :)
                  7.[b][color=PaleGreen] ANY MEDIUM [/b]or [b]STYLE[/b] may be used: Traditional or Digital Drawing or Painting, Gestural, Sketch, Finished Render, etc.[/color]
         [color=LemonChiffon]         8. [b]EDIT:[/b] [b]3D Artists [/b]who wish to use the reference for 3D models are free to do so. I just ask that you post your work here as well as in any 3D forum in which you post your work.[/color]
                  9. Please limit the [b][color=PaleGreen]SIZE [/b]of your [b][color=PaleGreen]POSTS [/b][/color]to[b] [color=PaleGreen]800 pixels WIDTH[/b][/color][b] x Appropriate pixel LENGTH.[/b] [b]No huge posts, please![/b][/color]
                                                10. Have fun, enjoy, and create great art! :)            
LINKS to Images: 
                       [/color][/b][[b]>>REFERENCE IMAGE #1, [/b][b]Self Portrait as the Apostle St Paul<<[/b]](
    [[b][b]>>Alternate REFERENCE IMAGE source (same painting as above): Master Painting by [/b][/b][b]Rembrandt<<[/b]]([b][b]
             [/b][/b]                              [b][>>]([REFERENCE IMAGE #2, Titus van Rijn in a Monk's Habit]([<<]([/b]
             [[b][b]Alternate REFERENCE IMAGE source (same painting as above): Master Painting by [/b][/b][b]Rembrandt[/b]]([b][b]
         [/b][/b][[b]>>REFERENCE IMAGE #3, [/b]]([[b]Portrait of Johannes Wtenbogaert (1557-1644), Remonstrant Minister[/b]]([b][<<]([/b]
             [[b][b]>>Alternate REFERENCE IMAGE source (same painting as above): Master Painting by [/b][/b][b]Rembrandt<<[/b]]([b][b]
  [/b][/b]       [[b]>>REFERENCE IMAGE #4, [/b]]([[b]Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem[/b]]([b][<<]([/b]
             [[b][b]Alternate REFERENCE IMAGE source (same painting as above): Master Painting by [/b][/b][b]Rembrandt[/b]]([b][b]
             PLEASE NOTE: WIP (Work In Progress) images are an important part of the OFDWs and are encouraged. Please [color=LemonChiffon][b]DO[/b] post WIP images as you work on your pieces. :)
 [/color]                                          [i][size=2]    PLEASE NOTE[/i] THAT ANY USE OF PAINTINGS WHICH ARE RELIGIOUS IN NATURE IS IN NO WAY AN ENDORSEMENT OF RELIGION OF ANY KIND.[/size][u][b]
                                                          [/b][/u] [left]Good luck! :)


(To view o slideshow of progress to date, click here!)


I’m starting this thread to do a fairly detailed Work In Progress step-by-step of the work I’ll be doing on the new Rembrandt challenge. I didn’t want to clutter up the main thread with lots of intermediate steps, so I’ll post those here, but I’ll still update in the main thread when I hit good milestones.

So, here’s what’s up:

I’ll be working in Corel Painter. I started by opening a copy of the original reference, and creating a blank canvas of the same size:

Next, I filled in the canvas layer with a neutral tone, then created a new layer and named it “Charcoal Sketch”. Using the Soft Charcoal brush set to a darker value of the background tone, and eyeballing the original off to the side, I roughly sketched in major masses:

Next, I created a third layer and called it “Color Roughs”, and on this layer, using a bristly oil brush, I blocked in general colors. I eyeballed these colors, using the mixing palette in Painter to blend them more like actual paint. I didn’t want to just eyedrop sample the original picture, because that felt too much like cheating!:

You can see I got all the colors a bit too bright, so next I used the adjust brightness/contrast control to lower the brightness until it looked closer to the original:

And that’s where I stand tonight. I’ll post again after the next time i work on it.

Yoiur comments, if you feel so inclined, are most welcome!

Thanks! -Bill


Am I the first one to throw his hat into this challenge? Woo hoo!

I’ve been peeking in at the Bouguereau and Carravaggio challenges and feeling so JEALOUS as I didn’t have time to participate, but I’m doing this one, dammit!

I started another thread to post lots of WIP screenshots (I didn’t want to clutter up this thread with anything less than milestone pics), here’s a link to my first night’s work:

WIP - Rembrandt Copy

I’m not at a point I want to post a full milestone shot yet, but you can see where I’m at thru that link. Hopefully I’ll be far enough along to post a real shot by Wednesday.

Good luck everyone (And THANKS! Rebecca for keeping these challenges coming!)


I´m gonna try to participate in this one:) Too long since I hade the time to paint and hang out with you guys:)


Hi all,

@saraD and billcunningham
Great to see you here, hope we enjoy this together. Not only as a challenge but to learn from each other.

I love this, but my… hehe (pssst, the word with p)… starting fast and failed much faster. So I decide to do parts of some originals, if this is allowed, because a whole piece is too much for me.

This sketch done in 1 hour, trying out some brushes, nearly 1:1 size



Ok, I couldn’t sleep, I’ve got a headache, so I did a little more work on this:

On a new layer, named “detailed drawing”, using a color that stands out, and the soft charcoal brush, I start drawing over the color roughs a more detailed sketch. I’m not tracing the original, I’m eyeballing it on my copy with the original open to the left. You can see hash and guide marks around the drawing. I try to hash in a mark at the top and bottom, left and right of the face, then throw in cross lines to mark the nose, eye and mouth positions, then start drawing around those to get the shapes in general correct proportion:

Continuing to also fill in the neck ruff… this is difficult and a little tedious. If you’re not tracing something like this, the best way I know to do it is try to keep in sight the shapes the negative space between the complex, mazy lines make, and keep looking back and forth to make sure things are staying genetally in proportion. That’s what I’ve done here:

Now I thre in another layer, called “Neutral”, and filled it with a flat neutral shade so I can move it between my color roughs and the detailed drawing to isolare the lines and see what they look like:

Now, keeping an eye jumping between the original and my rough copy, trying to make the line drawing closer to exact as far as position an proportion goes to the original, I draw in the rest of the picture (you can see my color roughs have the hands fairly badly misplaced… I’ll try to correct that now with the drawing):

And here it is against the neutral layer:

And that’s it for tonight… really!

Here’s a link to a slide show of this Work-in-Progress!

As always, any comments are most welcome! -Bill



Hey there, great to see you in this! :cool: You know, the kind of work you are doing here (WIP) is exactly the kind of thing I like to see on the OFDW threads ~ you are more than welcome to post WIP there.

It’s up to you, but I would actually prefer it if you posted your WIP there. I am happy to merge your thread into the OFDW thread, but I won’t if that is not what you prefer. :slight_smile:

Great start! I can’t wait to see this develop! :thumbsup:





You’re more than welcome to post WIP here! :slight_smile: I don’t actually think of the OFDWs as challenges, but it’s fine to think of them that way :slight_smile: ~ really it’s more of a workshop where artists help and support one another. But there’s an element of challenge, I suppose, to it as well. :slight_smile:

We really miss you! Come back! Hoping you can find time for this one! :bounce:


Wow, fantastic start! It’s no problem doing a portion, it’s probably what I’ll do myself for this one. :smiley: The eyes are really very expressive…

Cheers, :slight_smile:



This will be such good practice for my Portraiture final exam (which started today and will go on for 6 more days, bleh). I was feeling so terrible about missing the Bouguereau, there’s no way I’d miss this one!
gets started



Great to see another person on board! What great timing with your Portraiture exam! :slight_smile: I really look forward to seeing your work here. :slight_smile:




I said I would start right away and I did!
Here’s the colour rough. Just trying to get the colours in place.

I feel like painting all 4! Maybe I will…hehehe.


Hey, go for all 4! Why not? :slight_smile: There are 4 weeks in the Workshop, so that would be one week each. If you have enough time, this might be doable ~ though I would go for quality and maybe recommend two weeks for two portraits. :slight_smile:




Hey Rebecca,

I don’t mind at all having this thread merged with the OFDW. I only started it separately because I wasn’t sure posting this many WIP screenshots was acceptable.

If there is some administrator magic you can do to merge the threads, please feel free to do it. Otherwise, I’ll just copy all these posts over to the OFDW myself after work tonight, and post updates there from now on.



hiiri: wow~! what a nice start~~~!!!

my quick start in Photoshop 7 with custom Bristle brush.


Damn, I have to join this time :smiley:

[color=DeepSkyBlue]zhuzhu[/color] : I hope you will continue this one :wink: :smiley:


… to join this one after sitting on the sidelines for the last one. Not sure which one I will do, possibly Titus or Jeremiah. I am thinking charcoal right now for the medium. This will be FUN!


Wow, zhu, this is perfectly suited for you! :smiley: Great start! :thumbsup:


Come on! We know you can do it! :slight_smile:


This would be a great one to try in oil! :smiley:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



You know you are right. Very dark though, I am afraid I would make a black blob. It would also take a long time to finish, letting it dry and stuff. Have you ever painted on anything other than canvas? I am thinking of trying to do oils on wood.


Wonderful strokes Zhu! I want to try that brush!

Here’s the next stage. I worked a little on the face, fixed the crappy hand and did some general adjustments. I’m going to tear myself away from the 'puter now.

Please ask me to stop if I start flooding this forum with my images :smiley:

Argh, I keep getting an invalid thread error.



Ok, I have merged the two threads, and now your posts exist in chronological order (as to when they were posted relative to other posts in this thread) so that is why they are a little spaced.

Thanks for allowing me to do that!

I don’t mind WIP at all ~ in fact, I highly encourage it! This Workshop is all about seeing the process and helping each other out ~ it’s really useful for everyone to see the WIP.


When are you getting the error, and what exactly is it?

Cheers, :slight_smile: