Open Figure Drawing Workshop - NEW BARGUE - 022


ForzaInter thx…nice work man

Shapemaster excellent loose and vital approach on yours

Cnecktor go with the paint now!

last one, I seriously have to work on my assman now:


@ intervain
maybe i’ll post the traditional master copy to my portfolio later on, i’ll make you know if i do, don’t want to go off topic here :slight_smile:

So…had to rush quite a bit today with this entry, i suck with dead lines i guess
changed the design a bit, hope the original artist dosen’t get offended


Hope you like, thanks to the original artist

Final work


I started paining don’t know for long I hope to get it done today maybe.


great stuff everyone!! Good to see the thread come to life just before the finish :slight_smile:

Agostinuke - cool approach indeed! I like what you did with the bronze renders - both that of Denzel and the cowboy :thumbsup:

shapemaster - beautiful finish on Antropus’ image [I think the blurry part on the sides detracts a bit]

ForzaInter - really beautiful! Hope you’ll finish it :smiley:

Cnecktor - looking really good - love the sketch!


Agostinuke, the last one looks great - I love the colors.

Good luck late participants :slight_smile:


The variety of work/process here is truly astonishing! Great results everyone!

Here’s where one “ended” and the other is…well my favourite mentor always says “a piece is never a failure, just a work in progress”. :slight_smile:

username: cardboarddog | real name: James Busby

image link C

And Ensar’s final result:
username: turx | real name: Ensar Yanar

image link D

Thank you everyone for being here and providing such great input - Rebecca, it’s been a journey!

Matt (who needs balance within his schedule…) hahaha!


HEY …MATT …:slight_smile:




Hi all :slight_smile:

with barely an hour to go in this part of the world, I think I can squeeze in one last comment :smiley:
Thanks all and especially Rebecca for launching this great workshop, it’s been lots of fun, and for me very exciting to finally have a go at painting in photoshop…

ForzaInter - It would be great to see you finish yours! Her features are evolving so well and having agreed that time and journey can go on… :wink: Thanks for your comments too - very kind words, I paint what I see - I’ve been finding the digital process quite fascinating - I don’t use guides or grids, but being able to zoom (which you can’t do with a canvas or sheet of paper) and mix colours in less than 2 seconds (with no drips or splashes) is quite exciting.

MattVogt - I like your cardboarddog - man with the hat:thumbsup:

Pameljoel - I’m sure you won’t be offending anyone! There’s an interesting organic feel to your ‘monster’

Ryurio - I really like the sketch sheet you posted - including comments… I can’t see your final version though :frowning: - hopefully it’s just a glitch here and not your image…

Cnecktor - Great sketch, look forward to see where you go with the painting - even if it’s post deadline :slight_smile:

Agostinuke - cool and warm approach in yours… :slight_smile: one comment is the left eye in your actor (first post) - that eye seems less defined than his right, the reflection is there, but there’s no indication of an iris like in the right eye. Nice texture in his face though, and you’ve captured a likeness.

cheers all and take care
a. :slight_smile:


Cheers to all for a fantastic Workshop, and thanks to our render donors for being such great contributors. My apologies for not being as involved as I would like to have been, but life intercedes and I have been privileged to see all the great entries come in. :slight_smile: Please feel free to post til midnight / the end of today (Feb. 25) in whatever timezone you are in. Thanks again for all who participated and it has been a pleasure to view everyone’s work. :slight_smile:

This Workshop will officially close at midnight tonight in your timezone.

Thanks everyone! :thumbsup:


Ahh, damn, I won’t be able to finish the oils one in time. It’ll go to my sketchbook then…

Loads of amazing pieces in here people! Loved to join this workshop myself and it was exciting to see everyone else work on their studies. I did see every each page of this full of fantastic stuff thread!

Cheers and I hope to meet again at the upcoming workshop, whenever it’ll be, hehe.


It’s been super fun! Thanks Rebeccak for the workshop and everyone for taking part and pushing each other forward :thumbsup:


It is February 25th 23.48 in germany…
so now it is to late, i have to call this one final

again i was a little bit too lazy, but considerably more in the same amount of time i had done in former projects


link to original size

but the most important thing is that this ofdw made a lot of fun, and i could see a lot of awesome work here and could learn a lot of you guys :applause:
thanks! :slight_smile:
so i think i am satisfied with the result
i surely must have learned something with this… :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent finish BapKe! :thumbsup:


End of the line and a good run for everyone. Congratulations!

Frejasphere, I believe you’re on the mark when you say:
“…excellent that you feel you’ve learnt a lot from it - often taking the plunge is what makes the difference (or pushing into fields you may not normally go).” I must keep that in mind and continue walking in fields I’ve haven’t before. Thank you!

Intervain, thank you so much for everything! You’re always filled with helpful advice and encouragement. CGTalk is lucky to have you amongst its ranks.

Ian-L, I appreciate your words. It’s a shame you had to fall ill and not complete everything you wanted to address, but such is life I guess. Just the same, your final piece is impressive. I’m grateful you liked the shoes - I thought I was being strange when I found I liked them the most.

And Quadart, thank you for your insight. :slight_smile:

Here’s the final. Thank you all!


I know I join in late but I think I learn from making the painting thats always a good thing, and I enjoyed looking at everyone eles paintings here. I’m glad you liked my sketch thanks. This as far as I got its almost midnight here no more time to do any more to it.


This Workshop is now officially closed. Thanks all for participating! :slight_smile:

I’ve put up a SPOTLIGHT Thread here showcasing some of the best finished work that has come out of this Workshop. Please feel free to continue to work on your pieces, however only work that was completed by the deadline has been added to the SPOTLIGHT Thread.

Thanks again for the fantastic participation and to the amazing 3D Artists who generously contributed their work! :slight_smile:


Aaah, for a weird reason i thought the deadline was today, Feb 26 :argh: Pity, cos i spent many hours on this… Pretty cool i was, yesterday:scream:
I’d like to continue and finish the face at least. The rest, at my sketchbook :slight_smile:

Well done everybody, great work! :beer: Nice workshop, it was really fun!:slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who commended on my work: Frejasphere, shapemaster, Agostinuke, Intervain…(sorry if i’m forgetting anyone) THANX people :smiley:

In the next worshop i’ll be more careful with dates :scream::smiley:


Very impressive work everyone! This was another great workshop. Thanks Rebeccak.

SneakingSneaker—Great finish.

Ian-L—Kudos on the Kudu. Looks great.


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