Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Mixed Masters - 020


Is it alright if I tweak this image slightly so that the colours are not too flat? Would be easier to recognise the tones that way. Here is what I mean:

This is just a tweaked version so that the colours are a little richer to see. I did more tweaks, but that changed the original design far too much. This slight tweak gives the painting less age.


im excited,
this will give me something to do over the break.

but are we limited to the 21 pictures at the top of the thread or may we choose others from the site?


Hi there, :slight_smile: I would vastly prefer that participants choose an image from the selection above - since the strength of the Workshop typically is being able to compare your own work to that of others.

That being said, if you feel REALLY strongly about doing another piece, then feel free - just post your reference here so that others can work from it as well. I’d like to stick to the provided ref as much as possible though for the reasons mentioned above. Hope this makes sense. :slight_smile:

Great to see so many entries so far everyone - a big welcome to all the newcomers! :slight_smile:




I’m going to take a stab at [size=2]Lord Frederick Leighton’s work #2. This should be fun and challenging. The rest of you are so fast!


Hey guys!

Here’s what I got so far:

Good luck to all participants, huge respect to those brave enough to do it in traditional media and even huge-er thanks to Rebecca for starting this workshop! :thumbsup:



Great! I’ve got a couple other projects going (plus the holidays and all…) but I’d love to throw my hat in the ring on this one…


Hello people, I’m new to these forums. This is my first attempt at an online project also. I hope to post as frequently as possible and continue to learn from you all.


:bounce: Im very excited about this extremely cool workshop, I hope I can finish it before the deadline :), everyone is doing awesome job gals and guys, here is the start of my humble contribution to this workshop, I choose one of Ingres :D, I did this directly on PS with the help of a grid and it took about 1 hour hope you like it and you can give me some feedback thanks for looking


Dag-gum you Reb. You caught me off gaurd. I haven’t finished my other piece up yet and I am studying for another exam in February. Oh well, I cannot turn down a good OFDW. So it is, OFDW 20. Let’s see, what am I going to work on. I am so excited, my first OFDW in digital. Let’s go!


Damn Ellie - Her hair is beautiful from what I can tell in the picture. Great start!


Haha this sux :wink: Probaly going to spend some hours tomorrow or correcting it, or strating over. Anyway~


Took quite a while to get the face to looke right. But it doesn’t. Heck i kinda like how it turned out…for now.


I really hope you keep improving that paint because is going great :thumbsup:, would like to see the next update already!!


Hey, great job in that piece I really really love the face of yours :D, looks like this one will be an awesome copy, something that I really love about Ingres’ work are the fabrics, can wait to see the development in this one, I will keep watching your work for sure.


Thanks DigitalSol. Yeah Ingres’ fabrics are great, but it’s his women that im interested in. Hope to critique each other later on.


Oooh! the big 2-0 and one of my favourite Carravaggio’s to boot… though I’m sorely tempted by Leighton’s image no 3, the oil brushes in Painter would be perfect for that! Nngh! So much other stuff to do, but but but… must find time! Damn this irritation called sleep! Some lovely work going on here already, kuraudo that start is lovely, reminds me a bit of the style that Aly Fell, aka Poshspice, paints in, it looks great so far, and your digital sketching is amazing!


Here is my start for tonight. Then I am going to bed. I finished my lesson for tonight and made a quick 5 minute sketch of my master study, La Naissance de Venus. I know it needs work but I officially start with this then its night-night.

Hi Zeph, didn’t see you here. Hope we can crit each other through this. More you than me…I need help!



Enrique. Happy to see you join in. Good start.

Only 2 hours, wow. Looks pretty good to me.

Greetings from Hamburg, hehe, I think it is better to be slow and doing things with patience than to rush and stop.

Wow, many people, goooood.

Thank you.

Next step. Hope my preparatory drawing works, I recognized the feet are too big.

Technical, I used no grid but made some feature points I measured out. Start position of Head and end of feet, reight knee, the right elbow and chin for not to get too off of the figure. I find this very difficult to do, feel the need of the undo-key. And I worry about the drapery, it will kill me.


more 2 hrs.


I’ll join. This is an exercise that I want to do. I will do with 3d this time.


kuraudo - Your piece has so much detail in such a short period of time. Great job. Sorry I was too tired to comment last night.:shrug:

Ellie - Going traditional. Your pencil work is fantastic. I would love to see it in digital too!:drool:

OneDeadCat and Sulamoon - Looks like a friendly competition coming on.:deal: These identical pieces are getting done differently and will be interesting to see how each turns out using different techniques.

Reb - You started this. Are you joining?:beer:


WOW! dudes, there is already some awesome amount of cool work in this thread. cool stuff guys keep em commin! :slight_smile: