Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Mixed Masters - 020



I appreciate your comments about Ingres. I found myself having similar thoughts, especially with Carravagio. I think one of the real benefits of doing this workshop is deepening one’s appreciation for the artist they are hanging out with all this time. I’ve done a lot of work with facial expression and I still marvel at Carravagio’s capacity to see and describe that seductive, impish grin - an expression that lasts less than a second… and the dynamic quality of the whole figure - so lively, no sense of laboring over it. I’m in awe.




Great to have you aboard the Workshop, and I hope you will participate in more. :slight_smile: Copying the masters is so humbling - it’s really the reason to do them, because you realize how far above your own expectations these master artists’ were - it truly puts things in perspective. I’ve spent years doing master drawings and I always learn something new from doing them. I’m glad to hear that you have enjoyed the process as well. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Welcome Belianis! :slight_smile: I hope you will join in the next OFDW as well!


Alright a few more touches, sharpened up a few areas.

Choice 02:
[color=orange][size=3]Lord Frederick Leighton (1830-1896)
Oil on canvas, 1862
Private collection

[/color][/size]LINK A
LINK B (same ref. as above)


architectus - really awesome :bounce:

Rebeccak - is that a Matrix-style bg behind her?! :eek::scream:



This thread must be worked to the knees at the moment… I posted comments that got eaten by cyberspace :smiley:

Lovely work everyone :applause:

Amaryllis: I like the way you’ve captured the likeness and the colours in yours! Also liked your comment about fleeting expressions, capturing that momentary “something” in a split second. Imagine what it would have been like when visual reference of a subject was totally reliant on having the model pose, or using sketches for when the model had gone home (or fallen asleep…)

Rebeccak: I think the colourized version I saw earlier must be gone? The greyscale one is lovely!! :thumbsup: and I’m sure you’ll finish the colour version too, a break can be a good thing, especially when you end up working so intensely on a piece as this. :slight_smile:

Glenn: Nice one! :slight_smile:

Johan: Don’t worry about deadlines… keep going! She’s looking great & I really like the way she’s emerging in an almost suspenseful way!:slight_smile:

Eduart: Stunning piece, the contrast with the black background makes him leap off the page! :applause:

Calan: No worries :slight_smile: and nice work!

SaraD: What you’ve done so far is lovely, truly hope you finish in your own time!

Thanks for great workshop and all take care!

a. :slight_smile:


Open Figure Drawing Workshop 020 - Mixed Masters [b][color=Orange]has now concluded!

[/b][/color][left]Thanks to everyone for their great participation! It’s been a fantastic Workshop with some incredible work being produced. I hope that everyone will participate in future OFDWs. Subscribe here to be notified of when the next OFDW begins!
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[left]I’ll be working on the SPOTLIGHT thread for this Workshop in the next couple of days. Thanks again for the pleasure of seeing so much beautiful work!

Cheers, :slight_smile:




[left]In appreciation of everyone’s hard work and efforts here, I’ve put together the following two threads:

Open Figure Drawing Workshop 020 - All Participants’ Final Pieces

[left]Please let me know if I have neglected to include work in the All Participants’ Final Pieces thread!

Thanks again for an outstanding Workshop! :slight_smile: [/left]


it’s cool to see it all gathered together - gives one the idea of an enormity of work done over this last month!

YMS I’m still in love with your painting :drool: I adore the luscious skin tones and the richness of it … have you added those bg strokes lately?! They are rather distracting :sad:


They are rather distracting :sad:

Magdalena, are you on a Mac? The background strokes of the curtain were part of my final update. They’re not as intrusive when viewed on Windows (at least for me, and my monitor). Pity if it’s that noticeable! :shrug:


Hey Yvonne
I’m on a Windows as well… maybe it’s because my screen is rather bright - too bright now I think of it… or maybe I’ve just been staring at this painting for too long and seeing things one doesn’t notice immediately a little clearer… Yep must be the second thing, after all I didn’t notice them before, right?! :slight_smile:


Some really great work came out of this. Lots of people learned a few things. I know I did! Still can’t believe how mine turned out. :slight_smile:


Stunning work…

That’s all I can say



rattle,rattle…Rattle,Rattle…Mark was here…

[size=2]Awesome work everyone:applause:



There’s some really stunning work done. Great job everybody! I’m glad I finally joined this forum and tried one of the workshops :slight_smile:


There were some really lovely pieces. Very inspiring.


Very amazing results.


excellent work everyone! I’am really looking forward to the next workshop, and hopefully i’ll be posting more this time :slight_smile:


Argh, I missed putting up Fatebringer’s / Mark’s file because I couldn’t see it (either something is wrong with my connection here or something was wrong with Mark’s server) - my big apologies! I will have your file up soon!

EDIT: I have added Mark’s OFDW piece to the SPOTLIGHT thread, where it always belonged. :slight_smile:


Yeah! I’ve been dying to participate, when is the next one?


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