Open Figure Drawing Workshop - HANDS - 023


Been waiting for this next workshop! It’s time I practiced drawing hands as I suck at it :blush:

Have fun everybody! :cool:


This is going to be a very busy month for me, but I really need practice drawing hands… I’ll give it my best shot!

Thanks Rebecca!


I am in!



count me in… this will be my first workshop. i’ll give it a good try!!


Hey everybody, great to see your enthusiasm! :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing everyone’s posts. Also remember that even though this is called the Open Figure “Drawing” Workshop, you are welcome to paint and sculpt traditionally or digitally.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Very busy month, but I´ll try to contribute.
count me in


I am in!!.. I am in!!.. :bounce:


Cool workshop Rebecca :slight_smile:
I might participate!


I would like to join this but I am really busy. I will find some time to join!


Don’t know if i can go up to 25 hands…but i will give it my best shot…since Hands were always one of my most weekest points…along with boots…:stuck_out_tongue:

Good workshop Rebecca !


Here are my first few quickies. Something between 10-15 minutes each.


SulaMoon, Congrats on being the first to post! :slight_smile: Will wait for more before commenting. I need to get my set started tonight!

Dimi - get that sketchbook out buddy! :stuck_out_tongue:

mv - OMG he lives! :wink:


Okay, expect a lot of experimentation from me. Painted up in PS, overlaid with photo textures, from this ref: 43.


Here is my first attempt. I am also pretty new to digital painting, so I encourage everyone to critique the paint job along side the anatomy. I think I’m so familiar with drawing that its hard to wrap my mind around another medium.


TheBeatnik2334, welcome. :slight_smile: One thing I’d recommend is painting against a mid gray background - anything but glaring white. The white will definitely throw off your values, making them seem more contrasty than need be. Keep working, gradually working dark to light. Keep posting. :slight_smile:


Sulamoon, I really like the cleanness of your sketches.


what is the thinking behind working dark to light? I’ve always thought that dark colors are harder to layer than light colors. I suppose working digitally this isn’t as much of a problem, but I was just curious on why working from dark to light was strongly advised. Thanks for the feedback.


Generally the going thought in both traditional and digital painting is to work large shapes to small shapes (general to specific) and dark to light. Most of us tend to exaggerate the lights, seeing things for whatever reason lighter than they are, and we end up running out of value range, thus flattening out the overall appearance of the image. In traditional painting, it’s generally harder to darken a lighter color than it is to lighten a darker color, but in digital you don’t really have a physical reason for working dark to light - it’s more of a process reason - you want to develop the forms by giving them a full value range - dark to light - and most of us will neglect to put in darks if we don’t do it in the initial stages. It’s not to say it’s the only way to paint :slight_smile: - but generally speaking, it helps you to develop the forms more gradually, and more fully.

Edit - most of the old masters worked this way, for example this cartoon by Leonardo da Vinci - notice how the drawing is done first, then the lights are being pulled out from a toned background:


Hi to all… i just wanted to join as well… :blush: this is my drawing, photoshop + wacom from this reference = 01

Thank you for this workshop Rebecca, good work to all :slight_smile:


Welcome LadyPurple, strong work! Nice lines on your drawing.

Post on up people. :slight_smile: