Open Figure Drawing Workshop - HANDS - 023


Frejasphere, Anand, Gilgamesh, Smartypants, stripe, wowowow

Glenn wowowowow bassorilievi studies ftw! really vibrant and u must concentrate on one side only I will try something like that thank you


NoirQ glad to see you showing some 3D studies…and gilga also…and Ladypurple too!! nice!!!

yzdyzdyzdyzd1124 lol a big bunch of really nice studies all at once!

Unfortunately I really had no time to work on something else here since I had to finish my Uplift image also getting rid of a bunch of tecnical troubles

But I will continue to draw and sculpt hands forever!


Wait, it’s over? I though it was supposed to end 25 May :frowning:

And i just got free time for drawing, oh well. Hoping for a feet OFWD next time :wink:


Hey people! I’ve been absent for a while… Great to see so much wonderful stuff here!:thumbsup: It has been a great workshop!.. Many thanks to Rebecca!!:applause:
I started working on a 3d hand, but couldn’t make much progress on it…:shrug: Anyways, I will soon post WIP images in my sketchbook thread


MAY. 15, 2008
I refined this hand study that I posted earlier on in the workshop.
Calling it done.
Refference,…my own hand.


MAY. 19, 2008

Finished another hand study that I posted earlier in this workshop…:slight_smile:
Reference…my own hand…from real life,…no photo…:slight_smile:


MAY. 19, 2008

Called it finished to soon…missed the angle of the thumb and the pressure point between the thumb and first finger tip…better late than never…:slight_smile:


A few more… 7 left… :slight_smile: I hope to achieve this challenge before this week-end!

Awesome work everyone!


Ooops… Ain’t nobody here?


Good that you keep on drawing the hands :smiley: Workshop ended so people
don’t post here anymore, even if they haven’t done all the hands.

Here are quick studies from me to keep you company :slight_smile: Though I have used a different reference, not from workshops, as I needed it for image I paint ATM:

[left]References from amazing photographer Mehmet Turgut:

  • a lot of expressive faces, hands and bodies in his gallery, fascinating.


Hi all, I’m back after a long while.

My first contribute for this forum is from Michelangelo.
Hope to post something new tomorrow.

By ytresu


After Michelangelo

c&c welcome.


Two more hands:
after Michelangelo (using as reference a rebeccak’s drawing )

after Waterhous


Hey Alessandro Welcome back!
How have you been?

Great hand studies, btw :wink:


hi johan, thanks for commenting.
I’ve been fine but very busy working hard preparing paintings for the show.


Two more hand study:

after Bouguereau:

after Bernini:



Great sketches, it’s fantastic that you still continue! And shame that I stopped when workshops ended.


I dont want to sound like a total retard but I’m gonna ask anyways 'cause I want to start participating in workshops like these…

When you guys practice from the references like the 50 or so hands that were provided, do you just look at them and make your own completely separate or do you kind of trace them to see what the masters are doing? Again, sorry for being a moron lol…



Here’s one technique:

Just like any other subject, I just carefully observe them first, checking overal proportions and directions. This can take up to a minute or even 2.
Draw a line, observe, draw a line, observe,…
Think 3D when determining where you will draw each line

Another technique would be not to draw any lines but only shades here and there and finish it off with some lines to accentuate.

Ofcourse this is all easily said… try things out, see what works best for you. When you find a way that seems to work for you, use it until you are really comfortable, then get out of that comfort zone.


It’s almost the end of the workshop. I hope I can manage to squeeze some hand studies of my own. here’s 2 of them.


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