Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Hals, Waterhouse, Velazquez, and Leighton - 018


you said it, the hand…:twisted:


Hahaha, thanks a lot zhuzhu, means lots coming from you, thanks again :smiley:

Im not a machine :sad:, I wish I be




wow, such an awsome start already, but hey i want to do choice 4, don’t make me look bad zhuzhu! O_O hey, choice 1 looks good, you should do choice 1 :deal: :smiley: :smiley:



Fantastic, a workshop I can start from the beginning of. Great starts by you two! I think I will go for an easy one first too, but due to my lack of experience with photoshop. Oh, yeah, I will be using Photoshop CS2 for this to try and grasp the software. Hope this will be fun ^^

I will post every major stage.


zhuzhu another great WPE…I can’t believe everyopne is jumping in on this one I thought people would need a rest after the last.
Some quite tricky masters you have picked for us to do here Rebecca, I think I might begin one tonight…now which is the easiest???:thumbsup:


Heya Mark! Why the first one of course :smiley: :smiley:


Very first sketch before tweaks. Doing this I just found out how poor my computer actually is. If I give this up please dont be too harsh, blame the computer :shrug: September I might be able to buy a new one or upgrade RAM/CPU.

If I do give up, I will try to do this in traditional media I think.


some impressive references this time, Franz Hals ‘Company’ painting would take some doing but i`ve gone for the far left figure and blown him up somewhat…

so far…



Ohh, can I do one too? I don’t know which one to do though.


Great to see everyones’ starts! :bounce:

Darkvision, you are more than welcome to join in, as anyone may! :slight_smile: Often people end up doing more than one, but just go for it ~ even choosing a single figure from a complex composition is fine. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing your work!




worked a bit more on the face. I’ll be back with some comments later :slight_smile:


oH Crab Bait! I accidently closed the file without saving. So I guess I can ask this question.

If I do it traditionally, can I use the reference as a bases of what i can make? Like I could use the figure, composition, lighting, but use water colour paints to paint it, which would make a lighter image overall. Or maybe if I used inks it would look commercially bold. Or use pastels which would create blends, but no brush strokes.

Is the topic as freestyle as above or am I restricted to oil/acrylics if I go traditional?



LOL, you can use any media you wish ~ and really any style, though really the goal here is to advance one’s technical skills to be applied once you do your own work. :slight_smile:

So feel free to use the media of your choice. :slight_smile:




I’m in (really this time!)

gonna do the dwarve. :love:


Corvax, yours is looking great.

Cyanid, great to see you in.

An uptade fpr mine.


Wow guys, you started allready, I better catch up …:slight_smile:


wow… slow down guys…

Let’s hop in.

nymph test…


hey =) I also wanted to participate finally in this workshop. shame on me i must say some of this amazing masterpieces I have never seen before, also not knowing the artists who created them :eek: I didnt thought it would be that difficult to try to copy a piece -anyway heres my wip attempt on it

Zhuzhu you are killing me with every new piece I see
Digitalsol looks really promising
Krispee Im looking forward to further steps of this piece