Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Caravaggio Master Copy / Reference - with Rebeccak 015



Thanks for that bigger version! :slight_smile: I think there is too much orange on the left side of the picture, and too much pink in the tablecloth so far. You really want all of the emphasis to go to J’s face, and I think the orange is a bit too distracting and uniform.

But ~ overall, just really beautiful work. :applause:When you are completely finished, would you consider creating a Tutorial for your piece here in the Forum (as a separate Tutorial thread)?

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I made some adjustments, I have almost all the colors in separated layers, what u think now? take it 2 or 3 days more, or consider it finished? thanks to all in advance


@Aggie 93.
Thanks a lot man, I fight it all the time I could, its hard to keep the rythm with Caravaggio, what a such great master. I made all that i could, I think that I should consider it finished this because if not I will be trapped on it, but all this work make that my respect for Caravaggio multiplies for 10, is there an selfportrait thread?.

Thanks for ur opinion,:D, for the next OFDW how about something from Degas, Michel Angel, Goya or Rembrant :slight_smile:

Sure I would like to make the tutorial as a new thread, but I found a problem and is my english, I’m not quite sure if I speak it as well for a tutorial :cry:

I enjoy to speak with all at this forum all the time.


Hi Enrique, :slight_smile:

I’m off to dinner but will try to give you a better critique later. Of course, you’re doing a great job! I would say the main thing would be to add a bit more variety in the color on the foreground character, particularly his hand and the chair.

A tutorial need not be very word ~ heavy, but you should do only what you feel most comfortable doing. :slight_smile: A simple step by step showing each stage would really be enough ~ it would just be cool to see everything together. :slight_smile:

Degas, Michel Angel, Goya or Rembrant

I’ll definitely look into these artists!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi…Enrique…:slight_smile: :applause: …FANTASTIC JOB …:thumbsup: :bounce:

Just my opinion here that I am speaking now…two things that I would take a little further
if this were mine would be to put a subtle light area around the edge of the the beard of the forground figure, the one with his hands on the arms of the chair…should be able to see light coming through along beards edge…darkest at center of beard, lighter color as you get toward
the edges of the beard…brown copperish red color alonge edge will define it…very sublte or
faint effect …
The other thing woud be to add a little more shadow seperating that BOTTOM PLANE that forms the cheek of Jesus from the corner of his mouth…the lighted side of his face…left side as I am looking at it. Right now it looks like he has a scar running from his lower cheek, to the corner of his mouth…there is a shadow that runnes vertical, seperating the cheek
from the corner of the lips and mouth…the lighted area under his nose, is next to a shadow
which is next to the lighted cheek…this shadow seperates the two planes.
Could also stand a little texture on the clothing , hand and chair of the forground figure
mentined above…will bring him into the forground that much more…more detail = more
forground illusion…will pop him right out of the picture plane, makeing the illusion complete.
Just minor details at this point, but sometimes they can make all the difference in the world.
Been a real pleasure seeing you work…really looking forward to seeing your next piece…:thumbsup:



Hi guys,

I’ll be offline Wednesday and Thursday, so I’m not ignoring you :smiley: ~ Enrique, really looking forward to seeing your next update!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi every one, I made this last version with the adjustments that u gals & guys ask, I hope this likes u, I will finish this at this point because, if not I will be trapped for it, if somebody wants a hi.res. just ask it, I will make a tutorial from this, just if the case u are interested, as my first experience at CG talk this was great :thumbsup:, hope u like it.



Fantasic job! :applause: The hand on the foreground figure looks fantastic!!! You’ve done such a brilliant job with this…I really hope that you will submit your finished work to the Gallery…the one tiny suggestion I would have is that the really red piece of fruit is a little distracting, but that is really minor…definitely post a hi~res version, and I’d love to see a Tutorial! :thumbsup:

Great work, and it’s been a pleasure to work with you. :slight_smile:




Thanks a lot becca, the pleassure was all mine, if there is somebody interested in a hi res image, I just uploaded to my recently created CGportfolio, is still the only image I have, the linked image is a big one. Thanks everyone.


Oh, that’s great! I’ve just posted to your Guestbook. :slight_smile:

Brilliant work, am really looking forward to OFDW 016!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thanks Becca, sure I’ll be there :thumbsup:

I reaaally would like to had a teacher like u at the university. :slight_smile:

Thanks for be the first by writting in my guest book.:love:


No problem Enrique! Thank you for the compliment! :thumbsup:

Well, I’m off to dinner then. Have a great one!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi…Enrique…Your painting turned out GREAT…GRAPES LOOK GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT…:slight_smile:
Been a real pleasure seeing this painting, and it’s creation…:thumbsup:



If somebody is interested, I already open the Tutorial thread at this same forum, hope u can see it and gimme some feedback, thank u all.



Hey digital sol, that work is amazing. I hope u get a front page post.

Well hers an update on my figstudy, just a bit of fine blending. I dont like the proportions in this, so i’m looking forward to fixing it up in liquify.



Thanks a lot man, I like very much ur painting very gorgeus paint there, I will submit the pic for the gallery I hope to get something, but a front page post will be great!!!, thanks again, u have really amazing work there.


And…your work was plugged, Enrique!


Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thanks to everyone who participated here! Thanks especially to Enrique and I hope to see you in the next OFDW! :slight_smile:

We are next on to Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Rembrandt Master Copy - with Rebeccak 016.

Hope to see everyone there! :slight_smile:





Well, I’m a b it late I guess. The next workshop looks pretty amazing. :smiley:
After of many hours of chipping away at this guy I am quitin!

Hey Sol Congrats on your front page plug man. Tottaly deserved.

Blending and liquify make up the last step.


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