Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Angels & Devils - 021


here is the left half of No.2

BTW - Nothingness you peice is a very nice idea! and its coming along very nicely


heres mine so far, just blocking out the shapes and basic colours


Thanks. I did not like any of the samples on the reference sheet so I figured I would just make my own up. The reason why it may not be appropriate is because its a very sensitive subject to a lot of people. I will wait to see what Reb/Mecha says.


Hmmm…kind of on the fence about this one. I understand the intent but I think generally it’s a good idea to steer clear of political / controversial subjects like this so I would request that you perhaps take a different tack…it’s not to discourage you from doing something creative, it’s just that subjects like these can lead to flame wars and it is a sensitive topic, so that is something I would respectfully request that we avoid.

Hope you understand. :slight_smile:



oh yay! Another workshop! :smiley:

I'll probably start number 2 either tonight or tomarrow.  I want to do it in color though w/a few things of my own thrown in.

Although, I’m kinda tempted to do my own thing…since I’ve got a master study in the works right now. (it’s in my sketchbook thread) I could take the things I’m learning in that study and apply it to another work.

I dunno… We’ll see, I’ll do something for this as I <3 the theme soo much!

I really like everyone's progress/ideas so far, can't wait to see what becomes of them![](


Joel, Rebecca, thanks for putting up another great workshop. I’ve been absent a while (lurking over on CA actually…) but this has sucked me back across. Ill update my anatomy thread too and add some of the new work I have been doing :slight_smile:

Im in :slight_smile:
Warm regards


Ps. Joel, loving your tuts in IFX. My gf got me a subscription for my birthday now too… WOOP! xD


Greate draw ! I’m waiting for update

OK here is about 30 min update.


Seriously, Rubens’ satyr is such a great image. So much personality! :smiley:

Okay, so here’s my miserable little try. :slight_smile:
I sort of tried to tilt the angle slightly, just to test myself, but I came to realize I’m not quite there yet. :hmm:
So well well, here’s where I ended up! Gonna do an absolute copy instead now!


Im new to this, do we just keep updating our picture until its finished, and then post the final in this thread right?
anyway heres my progress so far


Mdogger, yep, simple as that. :slight_smile:
Brilliant wip btw. :wink:


I would also have to agree with Rebecca on this.

Although there is a bit a of leeway to some of the guidleines, I feel your interpretation of what a demon is does not closely follow the guidelines to this workshop. Controversial subjects can also be a sensitive matter to some and not particularly welcome. In this type of situation, it is better to concentrate more on creating an image which adheres more closely to the workshop guidelines than to broad interepretation.

Remember, first and foremost, the workshops are put together for the goal of practicing figure drawing/painting and anatomy. If you still feel strongly about your idea, my suggestion would be to work on it on your time as you stated.


Mdogger - Looks like youre off to a great start :slight_smile: Please remember that although details of master copies are allowed, your subject must contain an angel or devil element to it. :thumbsup:


what about the angel in the cloud? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m trying out my crappy ps skills on this image aswell, and i keep thinking im using the wrong brushes XP wip


I’ve been here for awhile, but mostly in the DSForums. I’ve never participated in one of these, but I’d like to try.

While this isn’t a replica of any of the master works, I’m trying to draw from more than one of them for inspiration, composition, pose, lighting, etc. I’ve always wanted to do a chiaroscuro painting. :slight_smile:

Does this meet the guidelines?

I think compositionally, I need to expand my canvas a little on the top and bottom. I have a tendency to get really caught up in trying to perfect the anatomy, which results in it being wrong anyway and it looking incredibly stiff. I’m trying to loosen up a little, and I feel like this is a good start.

Should I keep going with it, or throw it in the scraps?


Ok I got it :slight_smile: In that case Ill just change it to a full master copy.


Mercuralis: I like it! I’d say it’s definitly angelic/demony yup yup.


Cavematty - Good to have you back and thanks for the compliment on the IFX tuts!

matwire - Looking very nice! Keep the great updates coming!

almostkungfu - glad to see youre experimenting! If youre up to it, my suggestion would be to keep playing with it and maybe use a photo reference similar to the position/angle your subject is in. Otherwise, looking forward to seeing your master copy :slight_smile:

Nothingness - I like your idea! Im definitely interested in seeing how you develop it further. Good luck!

Ravmaster - I think youre off to a good start but your proportions need work. Have you ever considered blocking out dimensions with just raw shapes? Its a common technique that has really helped me in the past for gauging proportions and could be something that may help out a bit. Since youre working in natural media, I would suggest using some light gray design markers to lay down your shapes to rough out your basic light and dark areas first and then lay down your line work over your value study. Ive made a quick example done in PS to show you the general idea:


Awesome! This looks like a fun one. I’m going to try my best to make some time for this one… but then thats what I said about the last couple workshops. Here’s to wishful thinking.


Its perfectly ok to use any of the reference images to create your master copy, just make sure there is an element of either an angel or devil in your final image.:slight_smile:


this one got me really excited - I think I’ll join in the fun :slight_smile: 3d this time methinks :smiley: