Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Angels & Devils - 021


inspiring workshop. i’ll give it a try, this is what i’ve got so far. sticking with the composition, toying with colors and various detail.


im happy to see ofwd back that too in wid a devilish theme:twisted: :twisted: i hope i’l get some more crits this time unlike my debute.i’m choosin image 18 the 2 satyrs


Well I ve never entered one of these competitions. So I do rather think its about time to flex the creative muscles I think I ll go with a unique piece. Good luck to all :scream:


I haven’t been here for a while but I am going to make myself find the time to take part. I find it’s brilliant practice. Although it is NOT a competition. The idea is to help and give advice as well as getting advice from others!


I’m in…

After Luca Giordano 02, Stage 1, sped up with the help of a few beers and stout:


It’s great to see entries already! :slight_smile:

I’ll answer this question but will let Joel answer the rest. :slight_smile: Eishiya, you are definitely encouraged to post WIPs and your finished piece to this thread as well as to any other personal thread/s you may have. If you do not have a Personal Sketchbook thread you are welcome and encouraged to create one, though by no means do you have to. :slight_smile: The strength of these Workshops is seeing everyone’s work in one place, and being able to push one another to improve, so I hope that everyone will post their work here.

Another one: In the process of painting, is it alright to switch from original to master copy or from one copy to another? Kills the time and such, but is it allowed anyway?

You are welcome to work on as many different pieces as you wish, but you will probably get the most out of the Workshop by trying to complete one or more finished pieces. The goal here is polish and finish, as the OFDWs are really designed to help artists refine their rendering skill and ability to complete a piece.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:



i’m in :smiley:

Just a little question: i don’t have to copy an existing painting right? I would want to create something new that i would love to try. My intension would be to create a composition and pose from scratch, and then use reference to study anatomy and detail.
Since i only participated the anatomy sketches, i’m not completely clear on how far we can go here.



Hi Rebecca,
Hi everyone. :slight_smile:

Just passing by to look around :wink:

Nice sketch Esmeralda !

Vincent Wan, nice speedy, care with beer lol

Best wishes to everybody,



AztcFireFlower - Thanks! I’m glad to be here and eqally excited to see some great work… speaking of which, looks like youre off to a wonderful start!:slight_smile:

alfiojr - A master copy is a copy or emulation of a painting or drawing created by a Master painter. In essence, you are recreating a painting done by an exalted fine artist such as the ones shown in the references. A unique piece is a piece done of your own volition and one which is not a direct copy of someone elses work.

ericgerhard - Great to have you here and looking forward to seeing what you come up with :slight_smile:

Blaz Porenta - I’m happy to hear you are inspired by the references. I took a great deal of time trying to find images that fit the theme and also inspired me in the same way :slight_smile:

icedeyes - These workshops are a great way to finetune your abilities regardless of skill level. Glad to have you onboard!

Michael Olszak - Looking forward to seeing your work!

Marcus Ottosson - Great start! Even in this early stage your composition is strong… very nice :slight_smile:

killermachine - Glad to have you here and please feel free to ask any question or requests for crits. I will be more than happy to oblige :slight_smile:

antodonnell - I wouldnt say the workshops are competitions… atleast not against other artists. I tend to look at them as competition against myself to see if I can do better than the last :slight_smile:

mark-jenkins - Took the words right out of my mouth:) Glad to hear youll be participating!


Wonderful! I’m going to start now… not an easy choice though.


This sounds really, really interesting. :] I guess i might give this a try and that would also be my first time joining a workshop. I’m not sure where this will take me but i guess this is a great opportunity to push myself further.

Cannot wait to see what all others come up with either. :]


:slight_smile: thank you.

here’s the final update for today.


Nice goin Marcus!..:thumbsup:Wonderful workshop!..:scream:Count me in!..:love:I wish to do 2D and 3D both!..Thanks for this wrkshop!..


My bad, sorry for using the word competition. I do get its about self improvement and helping each other improve through constructive criticism. vincent1: Nice start especially with the help of beer :slight_smile:


Hi here is my workshop wip. About 2h.

RUBENS Pieter Pauwel_Two Satyrs.


I have an idea for my angel/demon, but I am not sure whether it would be okay here.

I am speaking of a real life demon. He does not exist today as he died in 1985, but I think doing him would be sufficient for a demon and an angel. An angel because he was known by many as the ‘Angel of Death’. I speak of a man named Dr. Josef Mengele. I will keep from the demonic details, but I will say this: he was a supposed scientist working in genetics and was appointed the post of Senior Doctor at the noctorious Auchwitz Deathcamp in 1942. He experimented on people of all ages and was the guy who chose who would live and who would be gassed. For those who know him, you probably agree that he is a demon in human form.

This is a rough sketch of him in action at teh Selection. Would I be able to carry on with this here? I am probably still going to do it, whether shown here or not.

I have colour coded it to explain my intentions. The light blue ‘people’ are the twins that he selected at the Selections ramp (when the Jews came off the train). The red people are the SS guards and the person on the box is Mengele. The people in the foreground are the people waiting for selection. The chimneys in the back are the crematoriums, which are being disguised by the hedges and fence.

He fits into the criteria as a demon, if they ever exist/ed.



Back in business!!!
My eyes stuck on the 18th number… hope to have time to make something … I have so much to learn for my final highschool BIG exam … and the romanian languege gives me headache … I hate to learn by heart : ( : )

good luck to you all!
lets have fun!!!



hey all,

i’ve been busy for a few hours now, and i think it’s time to post something. I think much could change on this thing, but we’ll get there somehow.
I’ll try and do a typical work with the combination between the angel and the devil. This is more like the contrast between the visible and the non-visible.



i am traditionally drawing no 2 and was wondering do i have to fit in the whole pic into the page… if so i dont think that’ll work for me…


i’m not sure of whom you speak, but i like your idea. can’t see any reason why it shouldn´t be ok to post it here, devils exist in many forms. like you illustration too :slight_smile: it’s gonna be exciting to see what you have in mind.