Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Angels & Devils - 021


Well, schedule ran away with me again. I will at least finish the demon part of this though.

The original lacks detail around the legs so I left that pretty basic. May touch it up some tomorrow. If nothing else, I’m developing a pretty good toolset for sketching in Photoshop. Thanks for any comments and critiques.


After Bouguereau’s Biblis with mods:

I guess I’m done. Stage Finished!

About this copy/modification:

Reference on the left and painting on the right.

Final colour directly applied.

Everything is eyeballed without any grid system.

The added elements are unreferenced and developed directly onto the painting after doing some small exploratory drawings.

A lot of time time was spent staring at Bouguereau’s work for inspiration.

It has been a great workshop.:slight_smile:
Thanks for all the comments received.


Mar 15, 2007

Playing with some ideas and composition…All created from my imagination…no references used.

Mar 16, 2007

Looked at this vision with fresh eyes this morning…calling it… DONE
In reality,LOL :scream: , it’s never done…a vision that just keeps expanding, like the universe it is set in…:slight_smile:



SpiritDreamer:Wow! im not sure i would like to spend too long in your imagination!

Liked the devil when he had horns & it was all a bit more monochrome, i think its starting to get slightly confusing with the dophins and strange insect like tenticles coming out of his head.

Having said that it sure is a striking image!


HEY…Edward…:scream: Imagination is imagination, It speakes for itself, when you turn it loose. that is if you dare to…:eek: Take a look at Salavdor Dali, or Werner Hornung…Mine is pretty tame, compared to theirs…it’s all relative I suppose…:slight_smile:
I still have that version that you prefer,…just branched out in a different direction with this last one…imagination has a funny way of doing that alot,… when it is set free…:scream:


I hope Giordano doesn’t roll in his grave. Still got wonky armor-to-be. I have no idea what has happened to lower demons/angels wings in the original (the pair on the left) and have problem with them here. Do you see their wings on Giordano’s original? Can’t decide their armor either, heavy boots or sandals.

SpiritDreamer, I like colors and elements on the latest version.

chipmasque, you are my hero here, fantastic interpretation!


Hi all, just saw this thread yesterday and wish I’d noticed earlier (or had our internet connection working at home!). Anyway, this is from one of my favourite works on the list and focuses on the angel from St. Jerome and the Angel.



once again I found out that I have a lot less free time than I thought I’d have…so I failed to polish it completely.:sad: I think I’ve still learned something in the process.
I picked the figures from various masters twisted them some (not on purpose:D) and turned them into devils (on purpose)… with lots of mistakes and no time to fix them.

great job everybody, I can’t really compete.
thanx for inspiring workshop,Rebeccak


Still trying to finish mine, I changed the composition to cut down amount of figures. Larger wings :slight_smile: The composition lacks something in the place where I put my signature, maybe I’ll add something there in the end if I manage.

Or maybe I’ll move the main angel to the left in the end to have more balance, putting his leg over fallen angel’s throat not chest. Will see.

I hope colors are not awful, I try to pick them from Giordano’s painting all the time, laptop wasn’t mend for painting, really. And all is more blue here than on my screen at home.


Pieces moved more, now composition should be better.


Done. I saved the RIFF and TIFF files in Painter exactly at midnight Polish time. [Started in Painter IX, finished in X demo.] I planed to finish it more, but that’s all I managed to do. Here is the final whole piece and Mr archangel’s close up (resized a bit, too and levels corrected, but actually I have no idea what way colors look like on a screen with correct gamma settings :wink: ):


[left]It was nice to take a part in workshops, I hope to have a chance for it in the future, too :slight_smile:
I’m only worried why others do not post anymore…?

Just in case server didn’t work properly images also in attachemnts
Edit. Changed image hosting, now it should be safe.



Hi everyone,

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this Workshop. There has been just some tremendous work produced, and it’s been amazing and inspiring to see the variety of work here.

My apologies for being a bit caught up in other things and not finishing my piece. For those of you still working on your images, you are still welcome to post them here.

I will be putting together a SPOTLIGHT thread for this Workshop sometime next week. I am out of town and unable to compile the SPOTLIGHT thread immediately, but will do so as soon as I can.

Thank you to Joel for hosting this Workshop and again, thank you to everyone who has done such a great job in their participation here! :applause:



This is as done as its going to get.


Awesome job everyone! Thank so much Rebecca for allowing me to help host this workshop and thank you to everyone who participated. I too was unable to finish a final piece in the workshop but will post it here at a later date when it is completed. Again, great work everyone! - Joel


The official Workshop has now concluded. You are still welcome to post your work here as you finish it, but the thread will likely be less active. :slight_smile:

Be sure to subscribe to this thread to find out when the next Workshops and Tutorials start!

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[left]Thanks everyone, and look out for the SPOTLIGHT thread, coming soon. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

Definitely check out the new thread:


[left]Thanks for everyone’s participation, and I hope to see you in the next Workshop! :slight_smile:


Wow great work everyone! I also thought it was cool to see some originals based on the master works, they’re neat :slight_smile:


Amazing work from all of you!
I’ve really enjoyed this workshop, even if it was only as a spectator…

Seeing everyone’s progress and interactivity with eachother is highly enjoyable!


Great work!


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