Open Figure Drawing Workshop 008 with Hong Ly and Rebeccak



                            Welcome to the [b]EIGHTH[/b] thread of the [b]Open Figure Drawing Workshop!!! [/b]
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        [/size][/color][/color]      [b][color=Yellow][u]>>RULES FOR THE THREADS<<[/u][/color][/b]
                                      [/b] 1. Photographs are the property of Hong Ly and are copyrighted as such.
                                         2. Photographs are [color=PaleGreen][b]NOT[/b] to be used for [b]ANY[/b] other purpose apart from Figurative Drawing Reference for[b] this thread[/b] on CGTalk.  
                                       3. The drawings created from the photo reference provided here [b]MUST [/b]be[b] TASTEFUL,[/b][b] SINCERE, RESPECTFUL, [/b]and for the purpose of serious study of the human figure. Those who post silly, disrespectful, or tasteless work will have their [b]posts deleted immediately[/b][/color] and will no longer be allowed to post on this thread. Hong Ly, Rebecca Kimmel, and Roberto Ortiz reserve the right to determine which drawings are considered to be in poor taste and / or disrespectful to the model/s, who have generously agreed to allow their images to be used on the condition that they be used for the tasteful and [color=LemonChiffon][b]serious study of Figurative Art only.  
                    [/b][/color]4. There is[b] [color=PaleGreen]NO TIME LIMIT[/b] for posting on this thread. 
  1. New threads containing new photographs will be posted on a bi-weekly basis, depending on the number of photographs available.

                                       6. There is [b]NO LIMIT [/b]to the [b]NUMBER [/b]of posts an artist may make. However, we ask that you post only [b]your[/b] [b]BEST WORK,[/b] even if it is considered unfinished.
  2. Artists who post comments and critiques of other artists’ work on this thread must be RESPECTFUL, POLITE, and offer CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Flaming will be NOT be tolerated, and constitutes dismissal from this and other threads.

  3. I will be offering the occasional comments / critique ~ however, the main focus of the Open Figure Drawing Workshop threads should be on Group Critique and interaction. :slight_smile:

                                     9.[b] ANY MEDIUM [/b]or [b]STYLE[/b] may be used: Traditional or Digital Drawing or Painting, Gestural, Sketch, Finished Render, etc.
                          10. [b]EDIT:[/b] [b]3D Artists [/b]who wish to use the reference for 3D models are free to do so. I just ask that you post your work here as well as in any 3D forum in which you post your work.
                             11. Please limit the [b]SIZE [/b]of your [b][color=PaleGreen]POSTS [/b][/color]to[b] [color=PaleGreen]800 pixels WIDTH[/b][/color][b] x Appropriate pixel LENGTH.[/b] [b]No huge posts, please![/b]
                            12. Have fun, enjoy, and create great art! :) [/color]           
                                                [b][color=PaleTurquoise]LINKS to Photographs: WARNING! Nudity:[/color][/b][u][b]
                                          [/b][/u][[b]MODEL PHOTOGRAPH 1 [/b][b]~ Female, Nude[/b]]([u][b]
                                     [/b][/u][[b]MODEL PHOTOGRAPH 2 ~ [/b]]([b][[b]Female, Nude[/b]](

    MODEL PHOTOGRAPH 3 ~ Female, Nude[u][b]

                                     [/b][/u][[b]MODEL PHOTOGRAPH 4 ~ [/b][b][b]Female, Nude[/b][/b]](
                  [b]PLEASE NOTE: WIP (Work In Progress) images are an important part of the OFDWs and are encouraged. Please [color=LemonChiffon]DO post WIP images as you work on your pieces. :)

Also note that all previous OFDWs are listed in Post #3 here:
[/b][/color]Tutorials, Workshops, Anatomy Reviews & More … [links within]

[left]Good luck! :slight_smile:

                                           ~Rebeccak and Hong Ly



Also please note that these same poses are posted on the I5 Minute Sketchathon (see post #382) and that everyone is encouraged to try both short (15 minute) sketches of these poses on that thread, and to continue to refine their work on this thread.

Post your 15 Minute Sketches on the I5 Minute Sketchathon thread, and post your more finished studies here. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Looks like I will do two of theese workshops at the same time lol.
Thanks for the workshops they really helped my painting skills considering what my first stuff looked like.:bowdown:


You’re cookin’ now, pushav, don’t stop! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Kool, well I will post my work in progress as I go. I worked in a 45 min sketch with my Tablet PC and SketchBook Pro.



Nice! Very nice loose linework, and I like the ruddiness of the hands. I think these are some great poses.

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Lol I am cookin’? I dunno I think that I am lukewarm right now lol. Lets see if that painting that I just finished at the 007 one was not a fluke lol.


guess I’ll join in the fun…

pose one ~ one hour ~ photoshop.

[left]okay off to make tea… see ya’ll[/left]
[left]~ David René.[/left]


work a lot on the arm, other then that I just jazzed around refined stuff that was already there.

[left]~David René.[/left]



Beautiful work on the arm! The honeyed tones in this image are beautiful ~ I’ve actually drawn live from this model, she’s really a pro.

Actually, if you look up jeremyengelman’s posts on this forum, he has done some interesting 3D models from this pose ~ I think in ZBrush, if I’m not mistaken. It’s kind of amazing, because he did the 3D sculpts in about the same time as anyone else would do a drawing of the pose. Pretty cool, check it out!

Great work so far ~ I really love this pose, and hope to be participating in this OFDW.

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Okay, here is my 2nd pass at it. Still working on my TabletPC and SketchBook Pro. Trying to get a painterly look to it…



The upper torso is beautiful on this piece ~ it’s great to see you tackling more rendered paintings! The main thing I notice is that the area of her waist, where her upper torso twists against her lower torso / pelvis, is wrong ~ I think that she needs a bit more of a waist, and a less aggressive line to describe the twist. But I love the greenish cast to the arms and the capturing of the feel of this pose ~ that’s really quite nice.

I’m going to try to hop into this Workshop later this week ~ at last! :slight_smile: It will be fun to work along with you guys. :slight_smile:




Man, why have I only found out about these sessions? I couldv’e been learning all this time…:bounce: Well, I have a lot to learn, seeing the amazing talent here. Please please post any help and crits. Total newbie here. This is just a gesture, will try to tackle a shaded version but wanted to see if i had the proportion down first. Great opportunity these threads are:scream:



Welcome to the Anatomy Forum, and to the OFDWs, it’s great to have you aboard! :slight_smile: Nice sketch you have here, I really like the loose, gestural quality of line you have! One thing I would ask on this thread is that posts be no more than 800 pixels width x appropriate pixel length. No biggie, it just makes browsing easier. :cool:

With respect to shading / painting, check out the following demos / tutorials:
TUTORIAL - Digital Figurative Painting from OFDW - by Rebeccak
Black and white digital painting

TUTORIAL - Digital Figure Painting - by Samanthie
Color digital painting

Jealousy - Step by Step

Stahlberg’s b/w & color blending mode technique digital painting tutorial

I always recommend that beginning digital (and traditional) painters start out creating grayscale paintings. Value, I deeply believe, is far more important than color. Not that you are necessarily a beginner ~ I don’t know that. :slight_smile:

What is your background and training? I am always intersested to know. :slight_smile:

PS, your signature cracks me up! :stuck_out_tongue:




Hey thanks for the links RebeccaK, shall look at those in depth. Sorry about the size, i’ll fix that for ya.:wink:

I’m a newbie in the sense that I haven’t picked up a pencil since high school. We had the pleasure of working from a live model there. That is definitely the most enjoyable way to sketch. Really get a sense of the form.

I’ve been doing 3d for a little, hence my silly signature, but really wanting to get back into 2d. Got to say, I love your style of drawing. Do you always use digital? Some of the ones you post have the analog feel to it that digital just hasn’t got yet. Thanks for making me feel welcome.:smiley:



Great to hear a bit about you! :slight_smile: My best drawings are done using either charcoal pencil or ballpoint pen, eg, traditional materials. I enjoy digital painting, but confess that I enjoy traditional media far more ~ though the messiness factor prevents me from working with it, as well as the sheer frustration of ruining hours of work with a few false steps ~ digital work is slowly becoming my modus operendi (in terms of personal work ~ I’ve done digital work professionally, including some use of Maya cries over Discreet’s acquisition of Alias). :wink:

At any rate, great to see that you are getting back into 2D ~ you should also participate in the 15 Minute Sketchathon, which this week has the same poses posted in that thread as are posted here.

Looking forward to your update! :slight_smile: My first recommendation when beginning a digital painting is to fill the entire bkgrd with a midgray, and then work up and down in value from there using a 50% opacity and 50% fill soft round brush using only the colors of black, white, and gray. Give it a try!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



[left]Worked on the hands and the all around figure ~ the upper back is gonna be pain to get right so I’m kinda avoiding that right now hehe :smiley: .[/left]

[left]~David René.[/left]


Wow, David, this is going to be a beautiful piece! :smiley: That hand looks amazing! Are you using PS or Painter for this? It seems so many folks here are getting accepted for the Painter book, perhaps you ought to try out! :slight_smile:




Great color, really rich, and luminous, that arm is turning out nice, the elbow looks
fantastic, really fine detailing there…Great job so far. Can’t wait to see how it’s
going to look when it’s done, should be great I think. :thumbsup:
Take Care


Duh ~ forgot to post my drawing from the 15 Minute Sketchathon here as well :smiley: ~ now that’s a Korean blonde moment! :argh: :smiley:

15 minutes…so far: