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umm… hi all… i’m new here, but been stalking cg talk as a guest for a very long time… i hope this topic fits to this section… fitted to the description in my opinion ^^’’

anyway… i’ve been wondering what do you think about Open Canvas? (it’s a japanese cg program, see if you’ve no idea about it)… I mean it’s not expensive, it works with wacom perfectly (they recommend to use a wacom with it), it saves files in *.psd files too, it weights less than 10mb and works really stable and smooth… it’s got brushes, tones, gradients etc, all customizable… and it seems it’s not that popular here…

i’ve been wondering why?

i mean, i’m not a pro but aiming for it and i’m working since almost 2 years as a gfx artist/illustrator… i use perfectly photoshop and painter and i still think oc is eqaully good (only for digital painting)…

I’d be curious to hear your opinions about Oc… like, did you like it or not, never heard of it, almost all the time workiing in it, willing to try?

(and no, portalgraphics didn’t send me to write this, i just noticed that the discussions here are mostly about adobe or corel’s programs and so i’m asking :wink: )

edit sorry, i just corrected some stupid typos, sorry for my english ^^’


I think it’s because OC is, uh, quite limited when compared to programs like Photoshop and Painter. OC is great (IMO) for sketching and doing lineart or whatever, and the tools it does have are nice, but it just doesn’t have much else.
Then again, just for drawing into, I’d agree that it’s kinda under-rated. I love drawing in it with my wacom. :smiley: The recording and live paint-chat thingummies are great, too. <3


I’m with Aniviel on this: it is great for simple doodling and sketching, it can achieve really good work, but it’s tools are nowhere near the ones Photoshop, Painter or any other program can offer.

Though i do really like it too when i am feeling like doing something quick and not push it too far. :slight_smile:


Open Canvas is pretty big in other digital art communities, but not here because cgtalk is still mostly a 3D community. Open Canvas is awesome for realtime collaboration (early version only). We used to do collabs all the time with OC. You can record the sessions and let people download the script and watch the entire session. You can also let other people join and watch the session in realtime. There’s even a chat window for you to type in too.


It’s hoped that the networking features will come back in at some point. It’s truly what makes OC all that much more special. In fact if there was a plugin for photoshop that did the same thing, I’d buy it!

OC event files are the ultimate learning tool!


I used the newer versions, but I still go for the old ones because OC is great for simply putting your ideas down, very intuitive, simple. Coloring is also a blast because the color window is very nicely done and it’s easy to pick out the exact color you want. Personally I would also buy a new version with networking - that was a great thing, but for some reason it doesn’t work on my computer anymore :frowning:

Oh and yes, event files are the best way to learn!


yes, i mean exactly - it’s got event files, the sort of paintchat option (only in oc 1.1 though)…

they just released oc 4 and it’s got settings of brushes more like in photoshop, you can make your own, import textures etc… it also got most of the oprions like hue, saturation etc, except levels…

i switched almost completely to oc when painting, 'cause it works so much faster than photoshop and i don’t really need other options than brushes…

what i also noticed about me was that when i started painting in photoshop, like 2 years ago, i was using everything… filters, fancy brushes, dodge and burn… ans when i look at it now it looks like a 15 years old girl just discovered new universe and decided to use it all :smiley: which was true, except for the fact i was older…

i think switching to oc helped me to get rid of all that and gave my drawing some kind of a “deeper” touch… i just had no funny things to paste into the pics so i had to practice how to actually paint… did you have the same thing or did you just start painting at first? (i mean, even without switching to oc)


Hm i must confess that i did the same when i first discovered Photoshop about 4 or 5 years ago.

Was trying anything and everything and NOT using ctrl-z to get rid of it. I would just add up to what i already tried… When i think about it today, ick, that is scary… :eek:

Though trial and error is one of the best way to get to know a program, to find a good workflow. So even if back then it ended up creating stuff we don’t even want to think about anymore, it still helped. After all, Photoshop is only a medium to produce what we have in mind, and like all media, we need to know how it works before being able to really do something good with it.

Now i need to do that with Painter… I had it for so long and always was intimidated by it, not feeling comfortable in it… Ah well, that’s another story. :slight_smile:


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