Open Canvas (OC) JAM Thread


i’m lil surprised this thread isnt here till yet considering how many people use OC’s interactivity.well better late then never. this thread is for all those ppl who OC together…for start, i’l post mine and digital sol’s few OC’s starting from our first

sol teachin me a thin and more then that :wise: (cheers to him for being a great teacher:thumbsup: )

those who have never used OC …as you can see OC 1.1 can be used to do lot of stuff and i consider it a pretty cool software for its abilty to let 4 ppl work simultaneously over fact i learnd my first digi painting lesson on this only.if anyone is interested in posting a tutorial on how to use it tell me or ask anyone else who uses it v’l post it here
cheers enjoy


Nice idea for a thread, thanks for starting this! I hope you get some participants. :slight_smile:


check this link below.this is one place where OC is the most happening thing.
all the people who want to jam together can connect through msn or any other IM. other then that,im here to answer any other queries that may pop up in future.


Most of my gallery consists of OC3.03PLUS only, so not sure where to begin. Here’s something I did, and the rest can be found here: and here:

This is my latest OC (besides a speed paint I did of this kid angel thing):

DeviantART version here:

This thread is a great idea :smiley:

Edit: Ackkk
Erm, I just realized you mean the OC1 network thing? Never done that, what’s it like? It’d be awesome to go on there to teach and learn both. Sorry for misunderstanding if I did. o.O;


hey FAngel,yea OC 1.1 is pretty cool cuz of the network thing
you can get more info here
and if you want to try it then take few of your friends download it from its a freeware so no hassels.
i’l post OC related tutorials on how to use it pretty soon if ppl hav difficulti figuring it out you can add me other new ppl at msn who hav experience in OC and learn directly from them too.
if rebbeca allows it,i’l make new threads where people can post their email addresses to be added in yahoo or msn for OCing:scream:


Yeah, I’ve always wanted to get into the network thing to work with others to learn and teach things. I have 1.1 I think but I’ve not installed it since I have 3PLUS (I wanna get 4 -_-) Most all of my work is done with it (see above), but I do branch to other programs.

Yeah, contacts and stuff would be awesome for those who’d want to get together.


yeah i think i’l make that contact thread soon too…let this thread pick up some can contact me on msn though and spread it among your other cgtalk friends too…pm me your msn address so that i can put it in contact list when i make it…i wish this place cud rock on cgtalk as it does on polykarbonbbs:love:


um…rebecca…if it is ok…can you move this thread near speed paints and sketchatlon threads so that people can notice this thread.i think it can help this in turning into a proper learning and interacting facility


No problem. :slight_smile:


thnx alot rebecca


I’d love to participate in an OC jam with you guys sometime ^^

But I’d heave to break out the old PC to do so lol, as it doesn’t work on Mac T.T


Same here. Just point me where to connect.


sure…the contact thread of open canvas jam session is now up
for all people who like to learn with interaction should participate in this.for me this software has bee a blessing sure it can help more people too.

hope this place gets interesting soon


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