Open C4D file with R20



I have installed R19 and R20 and when I click on file it opens in R19, not in R20.

In info when I change to open with R20, it doe snot change, stays with R19. Using OS X.

Any idea how to fix file open in R20…?



Click on a C4D document icon in the Finder, press Command+I to Get Info, at the bottom of the window that appears change “Open With” to R20 from the dropdown menu, and then select Change All.


I did this… and this screen appears.

and after continue, it turns back to R19.




Did you change the pop-up menu to “Cinema (20.1)”?


Yes. and above screen appears "Are you sure you… " when click continue, it turns back to R19.


You may need to rebuild the Launchservices database. You can use utilities like Onyx to do this.
Alternatively, put R20 in your dock, and drag the file onto the R20 icon to open them in that version.


Thanks, I will try Onyx.