Opal Child, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)


So alive its scary that the viewer has to remind himself this is just a render.
You’ve captured the illusion of life in her eyes. And thats trully inspiring.




wow 5stars i like the style very very very much


huuu… wow :arteest:

Edit: I’d be curious to see the raw render before photoshop


Kickin’. Love the pose and gesture of the girl. The monkey is greatly done.


He looks wonderful! That hair and the braid… wow so amazing. And the face on the monkey is fantastic. The rendering and everything is great, but the best part by far are the facial expressions.
Do you make up stories about your characters? I feel like this kid lives in the same world as the Cold Blue woman.


incredible! this is master piece!
from the master artist :thumbsup:


Beautiful piece.



Olivier, I’ve always been amazed by the quality of your work but this one… the mood, the colors… 5 stars my friend, thanks for sharing.
(Je t’aurais donné 6 étoiles mais…)


Oh my…

This is amazing. I was speechless when I saw it. Beautiful job. 5 Stars and I bet this gets a front page plug too.


Hi reiv,

What I like is the overall colour, shading, materials. What I don’t like too much, is that at first glance it looks like that it is the very same model, you used to use. Maybe you should try another type of woman…Anyway it’s still an excellent image


Really…looks like old masterpice paintings…but I have a concern about the eyebrow… it looks little bit closer to the eye lid…

5 stars…


very good art and very Beautiful Eyes .great work 5 stars from me


That’s just fantastic! And how the hell did you do the hair ornament on her left side?


Great work! The sss looks spot on!


Absolutely incredible Oliver! Beautiful.


Just stunning.


Very surreal, 5 stars!


:lightbulb **********x10 /50 +3 = 5 :cool:


Amazing work, composition, pose, textures, lighting…

The only thing that bothers me is the mark on the forhead, a little to sharp at the edges.

Never the less, 5 stars!

I’m sure it is a girl - in the description it says “his monkey”, most likely because in french the possesive agrees with the object, in this case the monkey which is masculine. Probably just a french->english grammer glich.