Opal Child, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)


Title: Opal Child
Name: Olivier Ponsonnet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, mental ray

Hi, Here is my latest artwork.
Nothing particular to say here, I just tied to create a nice picture representing an elegant child and his monkey.
Everything was modelled and rendered using 3DS Max and Mental Ray. Textures were hand painted using PS. Final color corrections, grain and dof were also added in PS.

Hope you’ll like it!


Amazing work here. There is a sad blue world in her eyes.

What’s the mark on her forehead about?


Beautiful work. It looks like an oil painting.


Absolutely fantastic. 5 stars from me.
Love your work.

  • Terje


Stunning. Saw the tumbnail and I knew it was you.
Really love it. *****


Amazing image,colors ,especially monkey can u post some WIP screens and it would be great if u can tell us how did u make the monkey fur thanks in advance!


Olivier, you make me want to be a better man…lol

is this a boy though? cuz it looks like gal with lashes eyeliner earing braid facial structure etc…

i don’t care if it is though, still gorgeous and instantly one of my favorite pieces from you, i don’t know why but this piece does something some of your others doesn’t (not to say your others are bad, just to say this is one of the most exceptional pieces i have ever seen.)


U got 5 stars.


amazing … really love the mood and the sense of mystery that teh monkey add to teh picture


…What a masterpiece… :applause:

5 Stars!


impressive work, one more time

I love her face and I like the monkey as well…

pretty well done.



great… 5 star :applause:


beautiful! Love the eyes and lips :love:


very cool image I like a mood and monkey hehe superb:buttrock:


You kick ass!!:buttrock:


-This is wonderful work you have captured a realistic natural pose and mood; ur texturing and attention to details are simply amazing…I just find the mark on the forehead distracting, Keep up the good work…


Oh God, Olivier, you do it again. Amazing work as always mate.



Frontpage + CGtalk Award, for sure! :thumbsup:

I see pure art in this piece. I think this is the start point to all the “Digital Artists wanna be”

Thanks for this master piece!

Congratz! :slight_smile:



Your work has always been very inspiring - and this is by no means an exception!! Excelent execution!
I love the classic feel to it, and the use of a limited color palette is very refined. Love the feel of the cloth as well… GREAT JOB!

I wouldn’t mind seeing ur wires and maybe a bit of a break down if you don’t mind.

5 stars!

Great work!


Damme dude! I can’t stop looking at this art work!! Just Perfect!

Please Roberto, plugg it!! :buttrock: