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Hi all

Hoping someone can suggest a good Rebus Render Farm alternative. The OS X app has been very buggy for me since 2.0 and the service seems to be completely down (for Cinema users at least?) at the moment. I’m in need of an alternative in a hurry… Google has a lot of options but I’d love to hear some opinions and reccomendations.



When its been necessary to go beyond the capacity of our small internal farm, Ive used Renderking run by Dann Stubbs. Pricing and service were both good! Id certainly go back to Dann if i ever need the heavy render capacity again.


pixel plow has worked for us


If you generally like rebus, then render rocket is fairly similar. Last I tried a few years ago, was a bit more manual. ie. upload a zip of your project and then it auto adds it to your queue.


Newton Render Farm
and a new entrant: Bilby


Not a big fan of Rebus in reality, but I’ve always done well with Dann Stubbs’s Rendeking which has served me well on a few projects.


Both RenderKing and RenderFeed were great for me. I would say Renderking is much faster but Renderfeed has more subscribing options (plans) to choose from


I have only used GarageFarm and they were pretty awesome (and speedy) at time! Pretty sure they still are :slight_smile:


Been using Renderking for over a decade. Works well for me.
Dann can’t be beat in terms of customer service and knowledge.

Out of curiosity----anyone know what happenned to Rebus?

I heard they stopped offering C4D rendering.


I asked them, and their answer was

“I apologize, but we still do not have an ETA. Please do not expect the service to be up and running before the next few days, possibly even later. For urgent deliveries, consider falling back to a different rendering service. We will let you know as soon as we have any tangible news on the matter.”

That’s a shame, because their workflow (smart checks, warnings, upload and downlad automation) is really great.

I’ll check out some of the others in the meantime.


Damn that sucks about Rebus - ease of use was pretty great with the plugin. Do any of these other options support file check, upload etc via plugin?


I have used Renderking for years. Dann offers a great value, and his customer service is out of this world.

Since ReBus is out of C4D rendering business, I hope Dann will take advantage and expand renderking. But i dont even know how he Sleeps NOW!


GarageFarm, highly recommended, they use a plugin for Cinema that makes uploading a scene to render a 3 click affair, with automated up and download.Great 24/7 support, too.Love em.


what? rebus doesnt support c4d anymore? how? :surprised …on their site cinema4d is still listed!?


GarageFarm doesn’t list C4D on their webpage…

About rebus : it seems temporary… but still indefinite.


I keep reading about these farms that offer plugins to automate upload of files.
While that sounds cool, Render king offers Dropbox syncing.

So all you do is collect your file to your local RK Dropbox folder on your hard drive, then open your web browser to launch your jobs (or rearrange in the queue, etc)

Your results end up on your hard drive in (almost!) realtime–depending on your internet speed.
Its a great system.

I will often link my AE project directly to the RK dropbox so the results show up in my AE comps as I work. A real time saver.

Oh–and Dann paid me thousands of dollars for this post.
Thanks Dann. :wink:


The plugins arent so much about the uploading, its mostly the checking routines which come in handy. They tend to force your hand with silly file names, large video clips, incorrect render settings etc.


Here is another one to the fray. Includes $50 credit.
I haven’t sent any jobs through - keen to see how it pans out. I think the collaboration tools look a little awkward - but might be beneficial to some.


You didn’t say which farm you were referring to - assume you meant


Thanks everyone for your replies. I ended up trying several different places, blowing quite a few $$$ and wasn’t thrilled with any of them to be honest. Garagefarm is next on my list since so many seem to have had good experiences.

I did give a try (being in the same city I’d be mad not to) as it looks very tempting. Unfortunately they didn’t support R16.051 at that point, but the owner gave me a call (within minutes - pretty amazing) to explain the problem and then they have added support for 16.051 as of last week so I’ll give them a go in the future for sure.

After everything I found myself missing Rebus quite a lot! I didn’t miss the plugin though. Far prefer an FTP/Dropbox upload.