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Hi all!

I’ve been getting my art on for about a year now… I did it in high school and took a break for a while…
But I would like to see what people think of my work and my skill level and if I’m on the right track.

make sure to check out the 2d section as well as the 3d section.
by the way I use xsi for my 3d endeavors.

Please be honest and keep in mind im not claiming to be a pro but am trying to achieve that title at one point in time…
thanks a lot.
here is the link to my site.


The paintings themselves are very good, I love the style. However I’m not really digging the overall models. I am seeing a lot of needed smoothing and such (From what I see), I do like the fish figure tho. Keep up the good work otherwise. I’m not really one to critique as I have not really begun to model myself. If I even had the slightest talent of modeling you do, I would die for it. Anyway, good luck!


thanks for taking a look.


Work on the hands and face. Hands, feet and faces are the hardest part, but must not be stepped around when drawing/painting them. When they are done in a rough, unspecific way, they scream your skill level. Keep at it, don’t be discouraged.


Womenbick has a hook for a hand on the left and also has a holstered pistol. Drop the gun on that side or give her a claw hand to make it more realistic.


yes… a hook… hahh.

can you guys give me some feedback on my other work… not just the 3d… thanks alot.


Hey, it looks like we both took a stab at the same photo. Your painting of Woman_chair, do you know who did the photograph?

I really dig the style you used, it looks very open. Most of your 2d has a very good sense of shave and volume and lighting, however in the humans the faces seem a little undeveloped. I would strongly suggest spending more time on these.


thanks… i will start concentrating on faces… i know they are weak.
i got the ref photo from


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