Ongie's winter, onginov ongushi (3D)


Title: Ongie’s winter
Name: onginov ongushi
Country: Thailand
Software: 3ds max

Hi! Winter time has come again. December, the month of many celebrations.
Nice and cool weather with one of romantic festival at the end of the year, Christmas festival which is not thing to do with Ongie,
anyway ongie can go crazy with any celebration any time.

I had a flash back with first Christmas that I recall event it ‘ so colorful and so much fun but for me as a first Christmas.,
I didn’t have a club what ‘was going on ? All I knowed was Christmas is a time for an old guy with a big tummy in loose red dress. Who look like a drunk man.
He try to pass through the smokestack to bring the gifts to the children that will make they are nice guy forever.

I have a few knowledge but have many questions.
-Why the old guy with a big tummy pass through the smokestack into the house ? Is he a thief, robber?

-The smokestack is small but the old guy with a big tummy can pass through.
-If it doesn’t have the smokestack, how will he bring the gifts to the children ?
-How can he know the children’s behavior?
-He carry the heavy things for a long time, he has a backache?
-Why does he bring the gifts to put in the socks?
-Tomorrow, I don’t have the socks to wear because the big gift boxes that make they are extend.
-If I hide the socks, he will try to find the socks?

On Christmas day , If you are good guy. Santa will bring the gifts to you.
Some family try the cheat the children to be good guy including my family because the new day after Christmas day.
Ongie cry with my parents because I don’t to get he gift. I thought the old guy with a big tummy was the false story but my family said it was true.
The last night, Santa came into my bedroom but my bedroom was very untidy. Santa couldn’t find the socks that make he was gone but the gave a small bell for me.
After that day, I hate the old guy with a big tummy because I think that I am a good man but I have untidy room that make I don’t get a small bell only.
The old man with a big tummy, he is a pitiless man.





that’s very cool , nice render and lighting , suay mak kub


Your job It’s very cool :thumbsup: & i like it

(very long time for register) i have some question about your job :slight_smile: next time

(I’m a front man) Ha ha ha a a good work good work i like you ® + (job) :applause:


I like the rendering and angle Capture.:thumbsup:


Wow.Great work !:thumbsup::thumbsup: :thumbsup:


over all great, nice attention to details, lights and shaders. very nice indeed


Oh … . Thanks for your greeting & friendly.
Nice to meet U.


very nice dear onginov
good job with vray


you are santa for me อิอิ


Thanks na my friend, แม่ปุ๊


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