One World, One BIG Dream! (Beijing 2008 ceremony show!)


I just excited seeing that!
thought it was the best Olympic show I ever seen sofar!
It was more like a massive visual fx work all in 3D!
really great, and full of ART!
It was really like a Dream!

and thought it’s not off-topic really! I believe it was really relative in CG arts in many aspects specially in technology development!
anyway it was really inspirational, so I like talk about it! :smiley:


related links thought!:


So there’s no videos of the opening ceremony, just pictures?


I am still awestruck after watching the entire ceremony. Very magical and beautifully executed! A job extremely well done by director Yimou Zhang. Kick ass!


That was really awesome!! specially the HUGE display on the floor as they were dance/painting.

If we can have a football worldcup thread here, surely we can have an Olympic thread.

Let’s leave politics out of it shall we? It’s not in the spirit of the Olympics after all. Let’s just focus on how cool the visual art was and how the Aussies clean up the Gold later. :thumbsup:


I would like to see some HD videos of it. Anyone knows where I could find HD videos of the ceremony?


wow… that’s really great…



One World, One BIG Dream!

One world, right. Pretty world. Unfortunately with no place for free Tibet in it.


The ceremony was focused specifically on art and sport and had no policital statements in it, whatsoever. It would be nice to have it that way in this thread as well. Leave your comments and political crap somewhere else, this isn’t the place for it.


That looks amazing. Is there a video of it online yet?


no politic… … but it’s a propaganda show like USSR done a few years ago…


Ok guys,

Apparently some of you don’t posess the brain power necessary to process the simple rule that is: “NO POLITICS”

This is a CG forum. We don’t care what your views are on China, Tibet or any other nation. If you have a critique about the visual elements of the opening ceremony by all means discuss it. Otherwise go to another forum more suited to your politics rants.


upload some pic


it’s actually pretty off-topic. there’s no CG involved in putting on a stage show. There’s probably other forums out there for stage shows and theatrics. This isn’t it. While we can sit here and debate that art is art and blah blah blah… it’s off-topic here.


Some of the highlights for me were the guys in mocap suits making that dove shape and made the “wings” move. Then there’s the Taichi performers with their almost perfect circle. Oh and the moveable tiles.

Who died and made you the forum cop? leave it to the mod. Besides, like I said earlier, if we can have soccer worldcup thread here, I don’t see why we can’t have an olympic thread. Move it to general discussion, better there anyway with the forum setting still on “Latest post”, easy to keep it on first page. :wink:



just a genius can direct some LIVE show jus like this one! a genius with a huge source of money suportin him! and huge amount of talented ppl workin with him!
he Won 2 BAFTA Film Awards. Another 42 wins & 25 nominations! (imdb)

the whole ceremony was so complex! I just waited someone Clash to other one all the time between those many rigs and cables and lights and stuff hided in shadows!
I was also excited about that huge display plane and those pictures displayd on the roof walls of stadium that I guess was a huge projection doing that! but from where? I have no idea!

I also really like the lighting of this show! and I belive the secret key of succes for this show was the lighting!

btw I’m wonder what (or how!) the hell they controll the lights on clouths of these many pplz acting and/or dancing on the floor! they was just like a particle flow simulation! lol! but I’m serius! that reminds me exactly that! :)) there arn’t any cable or something wired to them and if that was a wirless system then that was the wold biggest wirless network light show controllimg ever!

also I’m wonder how much time they worked on it?! and how much money it costs for em?! btw guess it takes something more than a hollywood film! coz it takes more than a film time thought! it’s logic! :surprised



ah, honestly I think there was alot cg related things for sure! just look! I’m pretty sure whole process of this show controlled with computers! all lightings, all colors, all floating lights on floor on ppl cloth, and all trailed motions! so it’s computer graphics that is what we call CG!
it can’t be any thing exept of corporation between CG art and live things! it can’t be! :slight_smile:
just look it’s strongly expected we talk about a comic book drawed totally by hand in these thread! coz it is a visual thing! it’s a kind of visual arts! just same as this ceremony aspects we discussing here about! :slight_smile:

and about politics, I didn’t know anything about that ever really by tibbet or what elsewhere! I’m not on these thing at all! coz I hate it! I’m in Iran myself and I know what a dark thing is that! I hate my government! just like all other ones! lol! but olympic is a diffrent thing thought! it’s for connecting ppl all around the world at first place! it’s all about peace and love! anyway it’s not our business! specially here! so better if we hang with visuall things on it!

btw just my thoughts!
Don’t mind!

,mim :wink:


Firstly I am from Hong Kong, nationality is British while I am an ethnic Chinese.

For the opening ceremony, well I wrote a comment in the other forum in Chinese, well I would like to try my best to translate it into English.

The Opening ceremony “Saved” Yimou Zhang, because what the opening ceremony needs is a “glamourous” “spectacular” scenery with lots of “manpower”. That is what the olympic opening ceremony needs.

However, those basic elements are just repeated his previous film “Curse of the Golden Flower” I think it is really wrong to put those elements to a “bad constructed” movie. Same fabulous scenery and also lots of manpower, but the scripts is just a “blank”, devived from a famous Chinese Novel “The storm”, about a family tradegy related to “love & sex affairs”. When I saw thousands of chysanthemum pots were ruined because of the story goes, then “rebuilt” the whole scene with thousands of chysanthemum pots again after that, I was thinking, “What the F###? What a waste for the earth resources for this crap film! How many Chinese directors can make more films than wasting resources for this crap, because of Zhang!” So, after that I NEVER called Zhang a “Director”

May be because the 70 meters long of digital LED scroll in the Olympic Ceremony “saved” Zhang away from wasting earth resources. Actually it is the same as the “Curse of the Golden Flower”.


I caught the main bit just before I walked out the door to work. Might sound a bit poncy but it was so good it nearly brought tears to my eyes. “Rule Britannia” just wont cut it for the next one!:surprised Shame about the cost involved, though.


There was a crapton of motion graphics, mocap, various other capture devices, projection and design in general, not to mention a technically challenging and dangerous execution.
Plenty things in there that fit right in with what a lot of people on this board do for a living :slight_smile:

As for me, I’m waiting for some pre-packaged and niftied up videos before watching it all, I’d like to see it on HD (couldn’t see it live feed) the first time I see it, so I only saw a few bits that already made it through the tubes but there seems to be some very interesting stuff in there.


China’s all about the Crouching Tigers! :smiley:
watched the show from start to end on the nbc coverage…impressive beyond pwn. :beer: