one tree orange factory


hello… i try to imagine if i was yerka. and this is what comes out… i hope its surrealist enough…
done with 3Dmax+vray and photoshop


interesting concept, mate! :thumbsup:
but perhaps the ambience is a bit too dark?


great job mate…nicely well done
i love your tone color, good luck bro…!!!


This is one of my favorites. Great job. Love the moon.


I like this image as well. It’s simple and fun. I think it could use a few adjustments, though.

-the leaves look like they were copied right out of the “inspiration” section. I think your idea is original and well executed and that the copied leaves take away from the image.
-the grass is a bit too regular
-image could be brighter overall

Again, I think it’s a nice piece.
Good luck.


@ adhinug thanks mate… i think i will try a lighter one for the second entry (if ihave time) hehe
@ fietter : thanks bro
@ elchristopho : thanks man…
@ jbrant : thanks man… it work with the leaves for a long time… but it is still so hard to make it more random. and i also tried many texture on them… but somehow the one from the inspiration section looks better, again thanks man

i really apreciate the comments guys…
it really helps for my second entry… i hope i can still make it


Fabulous idea with meticulous detail! I agree that the light needs to be bumped up a bit: you have such an interesting dynamic with the day/night concept that I would encourage you to make more contrast with the mountains & sky and the doorway. Congratulations and good luck!



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