One Prayer, Linda (3D)


It’s great!
So calm, so tender… lovely.

Some things keep bouncin in my head, apart from the wood floor and bed sheets/blankets…

Is this the lill girl’s bedroom?

If so, then … the hat looks a bit bigger than her supposed size. And the same goes to those shoes/ sandals.

The bed, being really great as a model, looks really too childish, in comparison to the rest, and specially to that suitcase and sandals.

But these are just ramblings of a picky guy when it comes to concept :slight_smile:



Thats very beautiful. I really like the lighting and the ambiance.

The only thing i have to say, is that the modeling of the drape at the top look like a little bit strange.

But… thats a really great job.


Hi all and thank,s for all replies ok i am making some changes an i will post some uppdates and closeups here today.


Its really very good, although when i see the girl, she seems more matte painting rather than 3d model. Maybe its the amount of light thats hitting her from the front and the glows, also maybe because the light that is hitting her is washing out the detall behind her. Im not sure, but the rest of the room looks tops!:thumbsup:


I had a feeling that this was CG Talk plug-material when you posted it at Animate and here it is. Grattis Linda!


This piece has mood. Although it dosn’t look like a little girls room.

Personally, one thing I would change is the bed spread to a hunter green so the attention lies on the girl.

Beautiful! :thumbsup:


Wonderful cosy/warm atmosphere you created in this image. Look like a illustration for a childrens picture-book. And as it has already been said, you somehow managed to get away from that typical CG-feeling. Excellent.


Nice. Good lighting and textures.:thumbsup:


my only crit would be that there is a reflection of the lamp light on the floor. but there is not a reflection from the window on the floor. also there are a lot of outstanding cyans behind the girl. it seems to detract attention from her in the window. maybe if her dress had some of those cyans it would accentuate the scene.

but it is a really great job.


I really like the way the girl has been “pasteled” into the image.
I assume that there was post work on her which looks great !
I also love the leathery furniture it has a realistic quality to it imho.

I thought there was one technicaly incorrect part of the image which
was that the sun shining in through the “grated” windows would
create criss cross patterns on the girl and the floor.
Saying that the lighting is very soft, and I am nitpicking .

Sweet render :applause:


hehe yeah it sure is linda from :D…

don’t know if i’ve said it before but it’s a beautifule image.


really nice~~~
i love the feeling of it~~~
great shading and lighting~~~:bounce:


Very beautiful! I like your light and atmosphere a lot!:bounce:


Like the mood of the picture, the lightning is beautifull :slight_smile:


Lovely feel.


You have created a very nice mood in your art.


I think she might be praying for more colour in her room.


Hi again

I haven’t had time to do any new renderings to uppdate the scen but i will as soon as possible.

One word about the image i whanted to achiev a feeling of sadness but also hope, the girl has just arrived to a place where she at the moment doesn’t feel that she belongs to…

By the way how can i put an avatar it doesn’t seem that i can do that i have found the avatar option but i can’t make it avalabile.

Best regards Linda:)


To change your avatar look at the top of the page and go to -
my profile>edit options>change avatar
the maximum size of your custom image is 100 by 100 pixels or 10000 bytes.


I did that but in on the right side where it says avatar there is a radio buton that say no and i cant uncheck it and under that it say choose avatar from the avalible list Displaying avatars 1 to 0 of 0
and no option to upload.