One Prayer, Linda (3D)


Lovely feel.


You have created a very nice mood in your art.


I think she might be praying for more colour in her room.


Hi again

I haven’t had time to do any new renderings to uppdate the scen but i will as soon as possible.

One word about the image i whanted to achiev a feeling of sadness but also hope, the girl has just arrived to a place where she at the moment doesn’t feel that she belongs to…

By the way how can i put an avatar it doesn’t seem that i can do that i have found the avatar option but i can’t make it avalabile.

Best regards Linda:)


To change your avatar look at the top of the page and go to -
my profile>edit options>change avatar
the maximum size of your custom image is 100 by 100 pixels or 10000 bytes.


I did that but in on the right side where it says avatar there is a radio buton that say no and i cant uncheck it and under that it say choose avatar from the avalible list Displaying avatars 1 to 0 of 0
and no option to upload.


Dear linda:
Nice work, well-modelled. However, the floor texture seems misaligned. I might be able to believe it’s the butt of the boards meeting, but there’s no depth to it. Now, judging by outside, it doesn’t seem to make much sense why her bedroom light would be on when there’s that much light already coming in. What might really help your piece artistically is to create more contrast by turning off the light and having outside be your only lightsource (figuratively speaking, of course). This will create a focal point on the girl, and make the room seem darker, colder, getting that feeling of sadness and hope that you’re aiming for. Anywho, overall, good work.


I forgot something … you have to wait until you have 20 posts, then the option will turn on exactly where your looking.


Really very, very nice! :slight_smile: I like the beautiful lightning very well, and also the kid, that she’s “talking to God” (I don’t know that word in English now…). You’ve really great skills! :thumbsup:


Nice :thumbsup: Great warm colors, and good composition


Nice. :wink:


Hey !
Cool artwork !
i really like the warm feeling that this pic has
good use of lights and colors !


ser bra ut ! har du några andra grejer som man kan kolla in lite eller ? hur som hur så ser det kanon ut :slight_smile:


Sven du kan alltid kolla min hemsida.

Pa min user profile.


Now that is one beeeautiful picture… very well done. :love:


Nice warm feeling. I though the little girl was added in photoshop.
Good one.


Very nice feel in this image.

With the story you had in mind (of her being in a strange place and not quite at home) Id really like to see a series of illos with this girl. An adventure of some sort.

Anyway, very nice. Id agree with crits mentioned before of having the stronger of the lights coming from the window if indeed you want it to be ‘cold’ in her room. But I actually like the lighting and ‘feel’ in the room more now, it being warm and cozy as it is. Not consistant with story though.



there is this rare feminine touch in the cg artwork, amongst the many created in the male dominated cg industry. i love the other works at your website too! esp the red bicycle piece : )


very good…everyone needs to pray every once in a while


Very nice work here! I like the lighting and atmosphere, nice textures!
There u can feel female line of art…