One more thing about Alex Alvarex DVDs !


I have watched the DVDs of Alex Alvarex, this DVD is about Goal, using polygon, nurbs objects as goal(Dynamic 6). I understand about what he said, but i cannot set up my particle like in his video ! I mean the final render of the particle. From some types of particle like point, sphere…, how can i create effects like this one :

Thank for your help



If you want to render points, multipoints, streaks, multistreaks, spheres, or sprites, you need to use the hardware renderer (windows/ rendering editors/ hardware render buffer). Only cloud, tube, blobby and instanced particles will render with the software renderer.


Of course i know how to render each type of particle. What i want is to creat effects like water drop, liquid… I see in DVD of Alex Alvarex, and wonder how can he create that liquid effect.
Anyway, thank you.


Oh, sorry, I just looked at the last picture there with the supernova or something. Didn’t see the liquid ones.

Those are most probably done using blobby surfaces. Definitely the second one at least. The first one is likely blobbies too. He’s got a nice shader on them. Im not really a shader guy, maybe a question for the rendering forum?


hey anders - im looking for a guy named anders who I got in contact with about a year ago - he helped me with some melscripting - unfortunately i lost his email. Is it you?

if so please msg me back or email me at mattwhelan2000(at)yahooDotcom
thanks man


Yeah, If I remember correctly it’s me :wavey:

My net mail’s been nuked, but I can mail you from work. Check it :slight_smile:


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