One more small feature


Many will have noticed that the Active Tool Manager has been replaced by the Attribut Manager. If you still want to use a seperate manager for tools there is a simple way to achieve this. Open a second AM and dock it behind the first. Now Choose->Configure Modes and disable all but Tools. Do the opposite (diasble Tool) for the other AM.
Now you have two AMs one for Tools and the other for everything else.
The nice thing about the new Tool manager is that you can switch between used tools with the arrows in the AM. You can even rename it.
Please find an example layout for modelling here

Have fun


Thanks! I like that list of tools, and the way they immediately show they’re available or not.

Another feature I love is to use the new Bevel tool in Tweak mode. (try a poly, an edge and a point) simply great!
The beveled mesh is a bit bizarre at first sight, but as much as possible, quads are created.


that´s great, Srek, much easier modeling with the separate tool manager, thanks.



Might seem like a small feature for one man, but a giant leap for mankind :thumbsup:

No, seriously, when doing my custom layout for R8, that darn Active Tool manager never seemed to fit in anywhere… And now it’s gone! Yeehaw!


Dammit! I didn’t realise how extremely powerful tweak mode was until you said that, Erik… There’s a whole bunch of modeling commands available like that, in tweak mode with instant action so to speak.

Try this: Switch to tweak mode (not auto-switch), switch to poly mode, right-click and select extrude, go bananas all over the place, highlight/click/drag… Unbe-effing-lievable!


You can also get rid of title bars in the interface. Just click on the title bar and take the option to remove it. Depending upon your setup it can save a little or a lot of space.


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