one more kickboxing shot!!



One more…

earlier back flip kick shot

Let me know how this is coming up??Pls guys…almost 60 views and just one response…




This clip was deleted by the user.

2nd link: the problem with your flip kick shot is that most of us, me too, don´t know the film shot your animations deals with. maybe you post the clip for comparison with your animation. in this case it would help a lot cause of the special way the character moves. otherwise we´ve to guess where you´d problems in animation and what is as it has to be.


here’s the link for the other shot…




the chap getting up needs to maybe convey quite a bit more weight from picking himself up - he just kinda tweens into the kick motion from getting up off the floor. Also when the guy kicks his supporting leg from under him there should be a moment where the guy on the right loses his balance, tries to correct (natural reaction to pull kicking leg in) then falls on his ass. It may be in there but its all so fast its hard to tell.

keep goin :smiley:


have maybe the guy to the left a bit of follow through with his head first being kicked back a little bit. Like a jolt from the blow. Then, bring it back to its neutral pose as he counters and watches his opponent falls

Great body movement


Hi All
Thanks a lot of commenting…i’m working on the suggestions given and i’m sure that will bring out a good peive of animation…this is a long sequence and i’ll b posting shot by shot…i’ll rework on all the suggestions and will finally post the final final hehe…

So this is the next one…

Thanks once again

Best Regards



wow liking this new clip - the motion of the spinning kick character has a definite Tony Ja (Ya?) feel about him with that tai-kwon-do style kick. brilliant work!


thanks anthonymcgrath

ya…definetly.u got it right…its a tony ja style…and its not tai kwan do…its muay thai…surprisingly i’m leaving for thailand while writing this…hehe

thanks for the kind words




I’ve yet to see any muay thai expert use that kick in a class lol… most of the guys at my club just go for a seriously big swinging kick to yer thigh!! :slight_smile: Great animation tho - have fun in Thailand - always wanted to go there you going for work or a hol?


thanks anthonymcgrath

i’m going for holidays, work is a by product…hehehehee…malaysia and thaliland are one of the most beautiful places in terms of natural beauty…i was in singapore for we have started in sgp and braodcast asia…being a techy guy , i’ve to b there…
i believe Tony Ja is going to give jackie chan and jet lee and chow yun fat and many a run for their monry…he’s original…
wait for the final thing…

regards n TC



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