One Hundred Thousand Members!


Wow, that are a lot of people :eek:
Very cool

Gongrats CGtalk


WOW! That’s great! I can’t believe there are 100,000 people that are interested in cg!:eek:…yeah yeah, i know there are about 6 billion people in the world…but…still…that’s a lot of people


about the fake accounts… Some people don’t really post, they just like to read… I post once in a while, but read more often


Well congratz CGTalk! :smiley:

Btw I think idd that much people read and don’t post, like me, and probably don’t post their work too because they’re ashamed because of all the other great work on the forums, like me. :smiley:


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: … do I have to put 100.000 smiles… :slight_smile:



WOW! 100.000, it’s a binary number? :stuck_out_tongue:

When we meet at Wembley stadium? :slight_smile:

P.s. 100000 (binary) = 32 (decimal)



but as already been stated too many onlookers and not enough posters and even less amount of real critical posters

but nevertheless this is the best online forum
nuff said


Cool! :buttrock:

Shouldn’t the member who signed up as no 100.000 (“bobishalfdead”, maybe?) get like a free CG Talk mug or something? :smiley:



I hope al the people with the so called “fake” accounts feel that way :thumbsup:

Congrats CGtalk, and of course to ourselfs, who keep CG-talk active, also thanx moderators for suplying this great forums, I really love it :thumbsup:


Congratulations to all the hard working people behind the scenes that make this place what it is and who cause me to lose at least 3 hours a day @ work :slight_smile: .

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Yeah and thank god they’re not all active - can you imagine at least 100,000 new posts per day :eek:


that is insane.


What do you think is the avarage active persons on a day? I think it’d still be a lot.
If all the 100 000 members would post everyday, there is no way you could sleep :thumbsup:


Shouldn’t that be 99,999.5 members since bobishalfdead?


i still remember the 50k mark ,didnt seem that long ago , well congrats to the guys that run this place , since its begining it has helped many artist gain exposure and also up and coming artists to get valuable critique from others, such a great resource and looking forward to the 200k mark . rock on


/me wonders how many people have more then 1 account.

I only got one.


i hardly ever post but i come here everyday:P for like the last year and a half


woohoo… congrats… and keep the good times rollin!


…how cute.


Cute? I’m suprised nobody is worried about the welfare of bob. It could be a cry for help. Bob could be suicidal. :wise: