one GTX 1080 VS two GTX 1060



which one do you prefer for GPU rendering and why?

A GTX 1080 or two GTX 1060?

I am asking cuz the price of a 1080 is about the same price and two 1060 but looks two 1060 will be %25 faster than a 1080.

Also I would like to know if I use a egpu on my laptop, does it add to my internal GPU or it will disable the internal GPU? (if anyone have experienced it)



I wolud go for the single faster and bigger card. If a rendering requires more memory than one of the 1060s has you are out of luck. eGPUs are for computational purposes, if your internal GPU is used or not depends on your choice and on it‘s capabilities.


Srek, Thanks for the reply.

Ok, so better not to take the risk of running out of GPU memory.
The laptop has 1060 and of course an intel for display. I just want to make sure the eGPU will add on to the 1060, not disabling that. I know on desktop computers will be add on to the internal GPU but I was just not sure if there is anything different on laptops.


Yo cannot use two GTX 1060 in SLI, nvidia has disabled SLI for GTX 1060. Wait few months if you can to buy next gen GPU’s. If you want to buy something right now go with GTX 1070 or 1080.


SLI is not used for GPU computing, only for certain game functions.


Actually what i meant is GTX 1060 does not have the SLI finger/bridge. So it’s not possible to run GTX 1060 in SLI mode.


SLI is more or less dead. It is useless for computer graphics apps and very few games support it. Essentially, SLI should not be a consideration when picking a gfx card.


Yes, going with the best single card setup is always good.