One Failed Uplift, Tomasz Jedruszek (2D)


Title: One Failed Uplift
Name: Tomasz Jedruszek
Country: Poland
Software: Photoshop

This is one failed…entry to Uplift Universe CGS Challenge. I just couldn’t decide to join the contest because of tons of work on my desk and besides it - I just installed brand new doors in our flat :slight_smile: But once I joined the challenge I did produce two images.Here’s the first one as a result of some questions been on my mind while reading some fragments of Brin’s book here on CGS (my copy of book is on the way) I wonder if the book will answer my questions ,I doubt it but we will see about that. One of these question is are we happier Uplifted (considering we’ve been uplifted by some inteligent civilization,god or whatever in our past ) personally I think I could be much more happy if I were just left alone in the middle of grassy green field with my love just as we been created.
Ok we have another story here , two theories of creation and eveolution been struggling for years -who has right? in my opinion one doesn’t have to exclude the other - we could be engeenered to evolve from monkeys to homo errectus then “created” to intelligent homosaphiens,that way the theory of God’s creation is a missing link in …eveolution theory’s missing link … there you go , the mistery of all times been explained ,from now on the God and Science walks the same path …he he

Am I crazy , talking rubbish ? SURE -but what the hell , after all questioning our existence is the main reason for life…plus those which already been explained by “Month Python’s flying circus” …

" And I looked, and, behold, a stormy wind came out of the north, a great cloud, with a fire flashing up, so that a brightness was round about it; and out of the midst thereof as the colour of electrum, out of the midst of the fire.

And out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance: they had the likeness of a man."

Ezekiel 1:4-5


The halo around the alien works well I think. Adam and Eve spoil it for me though. Great use of a quote for inspiration. And the alien looks enigmatic, neither threatening nor benign; really great :slight_smile:


wow! This is amazing!
4* from me!


Remarkable work - the image looks incredible, but what really makes it stand out is the sense of narrative you’ve captured - it is just bursting with potential stories. Brilliant, Tomasz!


5* for me


Imo Adam and Eve work really well. Great job!


Great concept, you always have interesting ideas. I especially like the deity here, though I would give Them more neutral face (it reminds me scary movie mask a bit). But don’t care for it, it’s your idea and it works well. What bothers me a bit - as someone noticed here - the people on the foreground. They stand out from the image too much. Less sharp borders, maybe less bright colors would give them more harmony with the background. Anyway this is great image, can’t wait to see the other one for this theme :slight_smile:


Looks great. :slight_smile:

I guess the only thing I would contend is that whether you ascribe to creation or evolution, Adam & Eve wouldn’t be white either way, heh.


stary! for me one of the best enviros concept ive ever seen!


thank you

here is actually reference for archangel-alien

LOL I know but i like it and I m going to do some closer look of that concept


better show references for a bottom part :wink:


The level of detail on this is beyond amazing to me… as is the amount of well balanced color. I’m very impressed. 5 stars!


you mean the river?


never mind - great concept and thats what is the most important thing. very similar to though


Wow, great work, It doesn’t look like a failed attempt, why don’t you just go ahead and enter it, the deadline isn’t until June I believe.

I love the concept and I think you rendered it masterfully, Ezekiel Chapter 10 gives a very similar accout of Gods supposed Throne too.

5*s :cool:


Yeah ,that’s the one. I must say I’m quite impressed with Stephan style lately, but he is not the only one great artist here on CGS who has their influence on my work. I was just curious how is to create space like this ,work with atmospheric and perspective that way,because I actually necer did such huge scale envirorment before- yeah “Kambir” maybe or last EON challenge entry maybe too but this was something else ,and must say Martiniere style let me understand new sense of A4 space if you know what i mean . It was quite precious experience and needed lot of work too ,because I don’t use photos that much :confused:

G-FLUX: Failed because I finally decided not to send it to the chellenge(I used another concept :check “governor” link in my signature) yes ,but also in the context of the biblical desciption - If we as humanity been uplifted in our past I think our pathrons has failed their mission - just look at the world we live today you will understand what i mean - in that sense this image shows "Failed Uplift attempt on some backwards civilizations "


Love it! Man, I’m always impressed by how easy you handle colour and how efficient you are in crating shapes and volumes. Nothing is “to much” nothing is forced or overdone. Just watching your stuff teaches me a lot ;]
As for concept itself its a shame you let it go, Is so monumental and with nice back story. Your actual entry doesn’t have those things :confused:


Heeeeeeey!whait a minute ! :wink:

Yeah I know , but I wouldn’t win anyway. If I didn’t won with previous entries then this one wouldn’t go any better , so I just not care about that much anymore. I guess my style is not trendy (not enough Disney) for these days , I always like to paint while now it is more about 3D , photo editing ,matte-painting etc I was always impressed with Frazetta ,Gimenez or Brom art ,where if they paint moon over an alien head it was painted from scratch and it had his sweet painted style ,now it is about pasteing moon photo in that place amd blend it a little to look cool so no one notice digital noise ,which still requires lot of artistic skills I’m sure but it is just not me anymore.
As I said , I made two illustrations for that challenge and had to choose one , if i Choosed wrong then You entry has even more chances to win :slight_smile:

Good luck !


This one is very great, I love your style :slight_smile:


Yo Morano Love this Illustration…and I loved that last comment you wrote haha.
The governor is sweet btw.