One Character Holding another by the neck...


i wan tot have one character pick up another by the neck. i tried parenting two Aux effectors together but i can’t seem to make it work.

is there a way to do this?


so i’ve been able to attach an Aux effector to the chest and offset the pivot. this works to a degree.

but i’d love to figure out how to do this with other body parts. head and feet especially


Did you ever get this worked out? You can do it with Constraints…let me know and I can give more details…


i never really found a direct answer to this. i ended up constaining to the chest instead of the head.

if you know of a way to do this i’d love to know. Thanks


Sure, you could do it a couple of ways but I think the easiest and most stable would be with setting up a Parent/Child constraint, or, a MultiRef constraint.


when i constrained a figure’s hand to another’s neck or head i got odd results

the figure being held didn’t move with the holders hand.

i’m trying to get it setup so if i move the holders hand the whole figure being held moves along with it. and it dangles from the constrain point.

have you ever tried it?


Never had to animate that exact case, but I’ve done similar things. I did a quick test and got it to work… with a few guidlines:

  • used a Parent/Child Constraint from the IK hand controller of one rig to a separate asset (cube in my case, although it should work with some other kind of element), and then used another constraint to parent the IK controller of another rig to that same asset.
  • make sure IK is turned off on everything in the rig of the guy getting picked up, except for the IK controller, which needs to be at 100% for the constraint to work.

Let me know how it goes!


Hey… any insight into this is very appreciated. if you ever get time to check it out please feel free to let me know what you come up with.



Yeah I did some quick tests on Friday…did you get a chance to check out my above post?


I just saw your post there… your approach looks a little different than what i tried.

Thanks for the help. i’ll give it a try and see if i can get it to work too.



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