Once i master human anatomy, is animal anatomy easy and quick to learn?


Once i master human anatomy,is animal anatomy easy and quick to learn?


that’s actually the kind of question i’ve been meaning to ask. i asked my anatomy teacher a while ago and he told me that it was quite similar and it shouldnt be too hard once you get a good understanding of human anatomy. i dont know for sure since i was just about to start learning it, so i would love to hear from other people :scream:


A human is an animal. If you hone your skill at drawing one type of animal, you should find it relatively easier to hone your skill at drawing other types of animals in general. The more you draw/paint the more adept you become at drawing and painting anything. Also, we as humans are more empathetic and sympathetic to human anatomy and expressions than other creatures. So a viewer may not be as discriminating when viewing a drawing of an Aardvark rendered inaccurately.


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