On the Stage, Joe Yan (3D)


Title: On the Stage
Name: Joe Yan
Country: China
Software: CINEMA 4D

Hi there, this is my latest works: a girl in cheong-sam on the stage. Hope you like it.
Here are some other renderings, or view them in my site:


super nice doll u have there 5 stras from me! truly amazing work!


it looks fantastic. 5 stars from me too


Maybe some more sss would have helped, but it’s a great job.

[plugged on the front page]


hey, i like the cheong sam that you’ve made, but i think the spec might be a bit high, try to increase the spec decay, and by the way, i’m not sure is it or not, did you turn on reflectivity on the shader? coz the cheong sam looks a bit reflective. If you’re making a doll, then that’s fine :slight_smile: Cheers.


Reminds me of Wata from the japanese drone metal band Boris.


Great job! i like the hair.


Nice job! Altough I think she looks a little bit “plastic”.
keep going!


nice work… Ilike pose and cloth textuer.:slight_smile:


very nice! :slight_smile:
though in terms of composition, the third image looks much better than the render you chose as your ‘official’ image.


While I do think the girl is very cool, I have to be honest and say that if there is a Tele and an Orange stack in the picture, the girl is going to be third in line :wink:


Nice Work! Perhaps a more extreme facial expression would help to compliment the “extreme pose”


this is pretty awesome. the amp looks great, you play orange?


Nice job, I think the skin shader, as well as the hair could still use quite a bit of work though.

Congrats on the front page




looks nice, but… 2 things:

It seems like she is posed specially for this image… why are the deformations (knees, elbow etc) so baaaad? You should remodel them for the still image if your Skinning isn’t good enough :confused:

And… hehe… maybe just my opinion… but her underwear isn’t that sexy '^^ (specially in the side view)


PS: One more thing… I’d like her clothes way more, if it would be more velvet like :slight_smile:


“Needs more cow bell. I gotta have more cow bell” - Christopher Walkin


抱歉我不全能用英文表达.人物造型的整体流线不错,背面那张尤其线条流畅,右胳膊的线条尤其舒服,当然我关注的是人物动态.左胳膊也不错,但是遗憾的是形体造型有瑕疵,4*from me keep up:applause: NIce work!! an interesting scene of life!!


I think your “fender” animation is better~
this is also a good stuff,but that animaion is real shake me~

keep it on!

cheers for frontpage


excellent work - could be on www.e2046.com!


just amazing!