On the hunt, Bobby Chiu (2D)


This is an amazing piece of art.
It’s great to see something with such an original concept!
Thanks for making it Bobby.


The lovely too. I love it


hi. Better and better each time man. Thanks for the laugh.
the sketch page3 is pretty neat too!



Amazingggg work…So enjoyable…
Love it!


That’s beautiful…loved it and as well as your video podcasts.It’s very inspiring:thumbsup:


One of my favorites! Great job.


WOW…very impressive style …
very stylized …

Good work … boby …!

best regards

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That’s just genius Bob.


Hey Bobby, I like very much the simplicity of the blue sky and the sense of movement of those cute little beasts with their little dust trails! Orange and blue, very relaxing. Great to see your sense of humor.

I am very curious to know if you started it from a black and white basis. Did you?

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Bobby, I’m a big fan of your work. I first heard about you in Conceptart, and I’ve always found your stuff to be fun and eye popping, Keep it coming!


This is so adorable… love how you put the details in the animals as though they were more real-like, but their proportions, busted to the cutest shape and size never seen before.

I like the concept very much… Lovely!


Beautiful peice of work, love the style. A Great idea well executed.


Very funny! You hava a great imanination, isn´t you?

I like your work because you always show pictures with action and emotion.


nice one bobby! charming characters as always!


Bobby, those animals are so cute I could eat them right now! Awesome piece my friend . . . really nice!


My first Forum post is for this image! As always a joy! Funny idea with superb execution!


…And this is why you are my Favorite! That’s Awesome Bobby!


i love the dimension contrast of the elements of the scene hehe


I would like to have a pet like the small lion :wink:


Love them…!
Amazing concept and execution.