On the hunt, Bobby Chiu (2D)



Excellent !


I love the design and style of the characters. The horse is very amusing. I also like minimal background work.


hi Bobby

This work is amazing, i love your style, evertything is very well done and all the characters have good personality…i specially love that horse!!!..

[b]-Can i ask you about your workflow, did you made first the drawing on paper and then scan it to work it in PS?..or do you make everything from scratch in PS including the initial drawing?

-Do you use a WACOM intuos or bamboo or do you use a cintiq?

[/b][size=2]You are one of my favorites 2D digital artists!!



Hey thanks everyone for your very nice comments!
yolao - the painting was mostly done from scratch on my cintiq but it was inspired by this ballpoint pen drawing…


I love all your images, man you have a fan!

another great illustration, don’t stop!


Excellent! So cute…




Adorable! now if only science can do the rest…:stuck_out_tongue: but seriously, great work!


Thank you so much for mentioning Schoolism, I’ve been looking for something like this. Awesome concept and execution. GL with your courses I’m sure you will do great.


Attention to detail is superb.
Great concept and execution.


thanks Bobby.

Can i ask you just one more question…:slight_smile:

[b]-How are you felling the cintiq for drawing?.. i have heard and see videos of all 3 models having issues with slow performance, so the cursor brush lags from the actual pen movements…do you have the 21 model?



Hey Bobby, haha I love your worlds. Thanks for letting us be a part of them!

Cheers to Progression

-Anwar Bey-Taylor


I just love this!! I want Mr. little buffalo.


You da mang Bobby!


haha i love it, great style and concept


Forever making headlines, Bud! :thumbsup: Sounds like things are really moving back home! Cheers Man! :slight_smile:



Gr888 Concept
Gr8888 Presentation
Gr88888 Style
Gr888888 Imagination after all :wink:

veryy nicee!

Cheers mate


Hi Bobby
congrates! very nice work,
and interesting image!



Ooh – vinyl toys! Can’t wait!!


Hi Bobby,
i really love your art,and i found it very stimulating.I admire your works for sometime and i decided it to let your paintings guide me to this wonderful land of digital art.
I want to write more,but my english don’t want to…sorry for my poor english.I hope you understood what i try to say.