On the hunt, Bobby Chiu (2D)


Cute and funny as always !! :slight_smile: The character design is once more excellent ! And of course the whole picture is perfectly rendered ! I’m really fan of your work ! 5 stars.


Awesome work Bobby! Amazing idea, the animals looks so cool, like plush toys from IKEA :smiley: Congratz man 5stars


Awesome work, I love those little creatures! You did a nice job of blending realistic elements with cartoony designs, you’ve found a perfect balance between fine art and animation. Keep up the good stuff!


hey bobby.great work mate.
& nice style.
hey is it a rat?:smiley:


LOL! those animals look so squishy! great designs man, I love em :slight_smile:


this horse is amazing :bounce:


Funny and cute for sure. Nice style as always,love you’re work.

One slight problem I have is that their is no sensation of speed for the horse and rider.It looks like they are walking. I think the hat, and the horse’s tail could have been shown to be sweeping back from the wind. And the horse and rider seem too comfortable,their seems to be no real effort on their part,no strain,as if they are on a casual walk.
However as far as art,fun and style,it’s as great as all you’re art.


Hallo, Bobby Chiu. Its 5*. I like your art and your imaginismstudios. And so I like your cartoonish style. Good luck.



sooooo funny :slight_smile:

great work ****


very interesting.lol,i like it:bounce:


good to see u again bobby:)always love the humor in the paintings u did:thumbsup:



haha, love the expression of the horse :smiley:


Really awesome!


Awesome funny work! Makes me laugh! Your characters are just lovely… I esp. love the horse! Keep it up Bro, make the ppl smile! 4* from me :thumbsup:


lovely work !:smiley: , i like it a lot !


Amazing !!! :slight_smile:


I wish I had a bunch of your creatures running around my house. I fear, however, that I might try to eat them :slight_smile: .

Great work as usual!


Waooh… You made my day again, Bobby.

It is just so fun to look at your artwork. Every pieces stands out to be unique of their own. The character design is never repetitive. You are indeed powerful to create personality to each of them.

I love that flock of running “smoke”… so lovely…

Lovely painting as well…!


hahaha greate as always!

Love your style!


awesome :thumbsup:

you always manage to put a smile on people’s face