On the hunt, Bobby Chiu (2D)


Beautiful peice of work, love the style. A Great idea well executed.


Very funny! You hava a great imanination, isn´t you?

I like your work because you always show pictures with action and emotion.


nice one bobby! charming characters as always!


Bobby, those animals are so cute I could eat them right now! Awesome piece my friend . . . really nice!


My first Forum post is for this image! As always a joy! Funny idea with superb execution!


…And this is why you are my Favorite! That’s Awesome Bobby!


i love the dimension contrast of the elements of the scene hehe


I would like to have a pet like the small lion :wink:


Love them…!
Amazing concept and execution.


Bobby Chiu! 5*


Anyone knows what brush he uses here?


Does not seem like default photoshop


really good idea,

and the animals so funny


I’ll take one of each! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

The amount of detail is awesome, you did such a great job at bringing it all together!


Tiger? :eek: he-he,like your work.good jod


Ah, lovely as always! I love it how you can model a buffalo into a cubey rolley-dog haha! The texture on the horse is great too. I wish I could get into your schoolism course but you’re probably booked up for the rest of your life…

Your art mixes originality AND skill and it’s quite a difficult combination.


lovely!! ha ha !Colour and character desgn are awesome!


Very interesting, like this style.


haha the horse is the funniest.
4 stars!



Nice idea!
Characters are too fun.!


Awesome concept and excecution!!

This is crying out to be animated. I can imagine the little squeeky noises the hunted critters would be making (they already look quite guniea-piggy-ish)