On the hunt, Bobby Chiu (2D)


Title: On the hunt
Name: Bobby Chiu
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

If all the animals of the world were cute and cuddly, would we still see the act of ‘hunting’ the same?

This is a piece done for the Calgary Expo art book this April.
I wish I had more time on this one but I like the idea.

Things have been quite busy these past few months… many great and exciting things happening this year.

  • Marcelo Vignali will be starting registration for his Schoolism class on Drawing Fundamentals soon.

  • Kris Pearn will be starting registration for his Schoolism class on Storyboarding soon as well.

…and did someone say something about vinyl toys?? Coming summer 2008 :slight_smile:

Very exciting times… and more news to come!


This is awesome! I just love it :slight_smile: SUPERB! :thumbsup:

Maybe you should make a tutorial DVD about digital painting? I’d buy it right away :slight_smile:


Really wonderful! I loved everything!


Nice art cool image I love it almost litlle fat lion;):thumbsup:


Haha, that horse is so funny! Excellent.

Also an interesting question, but I think already answered. We kill baby seals for profit and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything cuddlier and cuter then them.


awesome pic very funny, great work


purely madness. 5*


great work again man! I stare at your stuff for a long time after i see it. HU is right, Bobby Chiu dvds would sell like hotcakes.


they are so sweet!!!
i also like the details too!


Ha ha! Great piece of comedic art! :slight_smile: Thanks for the smile! :slight_smile:



So nice to see how a sketch that i saw on deviantart (the cowboy on the rocking horse) resulted in this finished and shaded piece! Really nice! thanks for sharing!


Lol, those fat little things trying to get away. The horse is a great character too. :bounce: :applause:


Fantastic! Clever concept carried off with great style.



Fantastic concept.I like this little animal characters all around.

Awesome work master Bobby !

…I think you style is changing a little… :slight_smile:


I really like these character designs. Great work!


Very Very nice work !:bounce: :scream: :bounce: I like it !


hahah thanks bobby, your work always cheers me up, been sick both ways for weeks now. maybe ill come out in two weeks let you know i am still alive and kicking. i really love mini animals but i have to wonder would a bunny be extra small as well?


Simply brilliant!, Incredible!, 5 stars!!
And I don´t give you more stars because I can´t:)

Love the animals you do.


perfect stylization and execution!
the characters are awesome and the idea is really funny
I wish there where some clouds up in the sky but you said yourself you were a bit short in time
anyway beautifull work


haha excellent ! Definitly like your style, still a very good picture as usual.