Omicron, Film Project


Updates on last page.


Well the plans of this project changed during the months I’ve spent on it. The first idea was to make a laboratoy just as says the title and as you can see in the pic just up here. After that it changed into a town with this huge laboratory (that is still being modelled). After that came the idea of some quick animation and then finally came the idea to make a a real animation out of it with a complete story (story isn’t finished yet) it should be a mixture of styles for example you take Resident Evil and you put in to this a couple of vampires (Blade, Blade Trinity, Underworld etc) and next to this you put humans a big scientific lab that is creating even weirder creatures you put this into the year 2060 something like that a bit more in the future but not to much and you get a quick atmosphere of what this going to be. At least I hope so hehe. The name of the project for the moment is The Black Godess being a reference to both the vampires the lab and the “creatures” they are creating. I know that maybe I’m a little to ambitious and it’ll probably take a long time to finish this on my own (at the moment at least I’m working alone on this one) but I can use all my past project such as the Althea one (a vampire girl that was my first model I posted in here) or my train project (I’ll be using the depot for an industrial part of the city you can see on the pages for and five of this project) cars I modelled when I started 3D 2 years ago and a lot of other props as computers weapons etc etc.

Well that is about it if you have some questions I would be glad to here and try to answer them. I hope you’ll have as much fun looking at all this as I have doing it

Greets and thanks for viewing


here are some new updates added some details tweeked some other things around started texturing and just had fun rendering.

here are the pics any comments would be appreciated 


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You really ought to post a few more pics, bigger ones this time :slight_smile: As you say the textures look a bit clean, the metal needs some scratches, it looks too smooth, also the water is like a mirror, blur those reflections a bit.


thanks robot_jam for your comments as for the picture size I’ll try a 4096*4096 next time ;). I’m still working on those textures and I’m planning on doing 2 versions of the lab one clean/new (like as it is now maybe a couple of scratches) and a destroid one. for the moment I’m still modelling and texturing (if I feel like texturing). Don’t know if I already mention it but I’m planning on doing 22 levels with each level 3 departments this will bring me to model 66 different rooms with all new designed stuff (maybe a bit ambitious I know hehe but I came up with a couple of plans on filling up those rooms bringing the rate up to 66 different kinda things so that is what I’m aiming for) to improve the modelling skills and especially texturing skills and also to have some fun especially because this will be used for my studies :). to cut a long story short I will take in considiration your comments and change the reflections of the water (especially because there is going to be more water (planning on making an inside dock/ship repair/test kinda thing room.
as for another room there will be the same thing but for plaines/spaceships (dont know yet) and finally there will also be a project inside the project that will consist of making A.L.T.H.E.A : Artificial Lifeform Trained for Hazardous Exploration and Assassination. (just loved the name that is why hehe)
well this is a lot to read time to get back to modelling and show you guys some updates to get you interested :slight_smile: and maybe get some more comments

thanks for reading and looking



here is another update (nothing new just a new render with better views on everything I see I have to improve the quality of the texture map :s. I’ll start another part tomorrow or I start texturing this one depends on the time I have

some comments anybody? please


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well I took out my old human body I created a while back thanks to a poser body I found placed it and modelled mine around that one and then tweaked it from there. this is the human form but she will be turned into A.L.T.H.E.A : Artificial Lifeform Trained for Hazardous Exploration and Assassination. it will probably be a droid (think that is the exact term for it not sure). she will have human forms a human interior (like real organes) but the outside will be all metal :). this are two pics of here untweaked for the althea process she will be completly cut up in different parts etc etc. well hope that you guys like it if you have some comments please post them :slight_smile:


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update: added a first system into the body the right arm. and finished cutting up the body.

some comments plz? anybody plz?


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Well just to let you know that after 4 exams today I will have a bit of time to work on this tomorrow. this is just a post to keep the thread alive (it isn’t really alive because i’m still hoping for some comments ) I’ll also change the pictures to links so it will take a bit less of time to load the whole page. sorry if it has cost some inconvienance



here is a new update on althea. started detailling a bit.

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looking good man… a few crits from me…

your lines or areas on her body seem to be off totally sorry if i sound harsh but near her Undearm theres this wacky lines, dont suit her at all and on her stomach it seems you have lines and vertices overlapping giveing a very wacked looking piece of mesh in that area… not sure if you ment that or u didnt notice but i suggest give her a much more robot feel rather then a wrinkley old person feel to her… other then that your scene is coming along sweet man modeling is clean … vary those textures and paint them a little larger res i rekon make it more realistic…


thanks Neeno for the comments. You were right about the body so I’ve spent yesterday cleaning up the mesh a bit (it was my first 3d organic model ever so it was quite a mess).
hope it looks better now. as for the textures what do you mean with the Hi-rez part? you mean make the uvw map bigger? (it is 2000*2000 right now) I don’t really like the blurry effect I think you are talking about the same thing but I don’t really know how to get that away if making the UVW map bigger is the solution then please let me know.

here is the new mesh:


here is the list I have been talking about since the start of the project there isn’t anything final and some things look like eachother but I’m planning on giving everything its own design and some sections may reveal unnecessary etc but it is just for fun (at least a part of it is) I can always change things. Just let me know what you think of it and if I forgot something just let me know

here is the list wish me luck ;)


Omicron Lab Section

power supply
security room
ship test room.
hanger/plane garage
       repairing hanger
       airplane wind tunnel
       engine/combustion lab
       wingform lab
       fusillage lab
car garage
     car maintenance

desinfection room
main office
two small offices
conference room
server room
dinosaur lab
“dinoparc” (for the grown up waiting for transfer :wink: )
transport platform
human lab
member replacement (like robotic arms)
operation room
organes replacement (hart transplantation with artificial harts, chip based eyes)
study/class room
Althea section
“storage” liquid tubes with human in it
weapon storage
weapon design
weapon assembly
weapon test room
space developpement
spaceship storage/hanger
spaceship assembly
astronaut training center
Security developpement
Level 13 lab
special high security level
top secret projects
rocket/missile weapons
computer research (computer power based on black holes)
mech garage
tests/training center
general biologie lab
general physics lab
general chemistry lab 63
emergency room (bunker idea)
water treatment


The body of woman-robot on the 2-nd picture looks much better, imho. But the face is a bit off (looks a bit bumpy?)

Nice work so far on the character and environment objects. Really interesting to see the final composition…


thanks reef. I’m still cleaning up the mesh and I hope to get rid of those bumpy looking kinda things. I’m far from composition hehe but I hope you will be following this until completion.

I just finished my last exam this means 4 months of vacation and time to spent on this (and aegis project of course) I will be working full time on this and hope to give at least an update a day starting from this evening



well talked to much lately and nothing new to show so here is the first update for today. finished cleaning up the mesh still some things that don’t look right I’ll try and fix them but I’m not sure it will work.

here is althea with some new details and robotics build in

any comments would be very appreciated


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here are two 2000*2000 pictures with her newly build heart

hope you guys like it I’m still working on some veins and stuff more updates to come


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That is beautiful man :slight_smile: The whole abdomen/torso area especially is crazily modeled, and very sexeh :wink:

Awesome O_O


thanks Augh. Glad you like it you should see her when she is finished :wink: like clothes weapons etc I have some great plans with her

here are two new pics finished the legs. starting the feet right now


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here is another high rez with every bit of detail concerning here robotic skeleton in it. maybe I’ll put in some more wires in there but for know I will be starting her clothes jeans and t-shirt I think casual clothing hehe

if you have some ideas or crits let me know



well here is another one I’ll just keep posting. I have started her jeans blocked in the general things her but doesn’t look quite ready yet but I’ll fix that and then I’ll put in some more details before starting the top part

any comments somebody? plz