OMG! The storm is coming, the trees are running! (update)


I have update the clouds and some other bits, it is final now!!

Finally got it done! This is my submission of Jacek Yerka style in 3D!! It is really simple idea - when the storm coming, you got to run! I am imaging when I was (you were) little child, build a tree house, than when storm coming, what would you do? So I thought would be great if they can move and run away.

Hope you like it! C&C welcome.

[size=3][color=white]The image was created using modo to model in basic 3D mesh, details in Zbrush, and render out difference passes in modo, especially the ambient occlusion pass, I have lower down the ray “quality” to get very noise render, this gave me result to increase image contrast and to match some of the Jacek Yerka style. [color=white][font=Calibri]The sky/ cloud was half hand painted, half CG, then bought everything to PS for composite, final touch up and turned it into canvas painting looks.[/color][/font]

Will post some close up soon.


Cheers :wink:

Edit: Hi, Dont know why the final loaded image looks blurry, so I posted here are some close up from original image. :slight_smile: Cheers


Nice job, I like it!


nice colouring and concept


Thanks guys. :slight_smile:


Have added some close up on 1st post. cheers


That looks good, I can almost imagine people living in there. Good job!


Wow awesome buildings you kicked my but on the buildings for sure love the design of them.

good job.


Thanks for your kind words. :slight_smile:


In my book, that’s one of the few that came as close to Yerka as possible! Great detail, colors and balance!


Thanks. :slight_smile:


This one’s wonderful, conceptually, and the architecture is so lovely to look at as well.
I think the style might be a little too realistic and sharp based on what I’m seeing of Yerka’s… it MUST be tough to get painterly with 3D. I like all that insane detail, but I’m just sayin’… for the contest…
This one also suffers from a not-so-great composition. Many of the close-ups are more interesting to me than the full picture.
Still, one of my favorites in this very enjoyable and inspiring contest.


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