Haven’t time to texture this properly, so it is dressed in my version of generic panels, it’s better than the real B5 stylee ones, but not ideal… any who, I’ll be making it available for download in the next couple of days, couple 'o bits to texture in the hangar bay.



That’s really nice.:thumbsup:

I have a critique: The lighting should be a little more harsh between light and shadow. Since you’re in the vacuum of space there is no atmosphere to refract the light and cause light to bounce.
The current lighting looks like it’s in a hangar.

Sorry to be picky. It really does look nice.


Awesome ship model.

Usually it is harsh lighting. No atmosphere.

But in this case, I like the soft lighting look you have here. It could be easily explained by the use of a nearby nebula internally lit, or a reflection off a planet the vessel is orbiting.




Nice pics but no stars. Bit strange.


Thanks dudes, my bad, I should perhaps of stated these are not specifically intended as finished space shots, more akin to test renders with la-dee-da lighting. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!



Babylon 5 is crap


Bumping a year old thread to say this…? :hmm:


whatever dude


J/k dude…they rock :wink:


Hey some one care to shut this puppy down? Shade?

Izu, shut up fool and get on with your work!


Hey can anyone tell me if this is a babalon model?

50 some mb film.

We got the model somewhere on download… it would be too bad really if it was a Babaloyn model. Not that we are gonna do much with the short. It was basically just a compositing test.

FYI… I’m the actor. =)


I’ll soon tell you!


It sure is a B5 ship, it’s theomega cruiser like in this thread, except you got it upside down :wink:



eheh nice work on that one minus, dig the whole thing.
(and those are killer sunglasses :thumbsup: )


Ha! Typical. =)
Thanks for the comp on my sunglasses. Orange rocks btw… really brings out greens. =)


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