Olympic Runner, Bobby Chiu (2D)


Title: Olympic Runner
Name: Bobby Chiu
Country: Canada
Software: Black Pen & Photoshop

This is a piece that I originally did as a pen drawing and has now been painted in Photoshop.

This style is one that I’ve been developing for a couple months now so it’s still in a bit of an experimental stage. Any C&C is more than welcome!


One thing that doesn’t look right is how the left arm is rubberized (from the bent oval shape that is made) compared to the speed jagged angles of the elongated arms and legs. Also the fingers on the left arm is liquid like but doesn’t really contrast well with the jagged speed of the figure. Those are the things that kind of throw me off.

Other than that… I like the style portrayed!!:smiley:


Yes yes… my first bomb in a while… Thanks for the crits ppl. The colored version really takes away from the original drawing .



I really like it; tons of flair, great colors, and a real sense of speed. Well done!


Reminds me a bit like the style from one of the animation in ANIMATRIX…great job…I like the original alot better tho…great job:)


Looks good as always. No crits, love the style BTW. Post more work! :smiley:


No crits here. I just really enjoy this image. I did a track runner one time too. Its on my website. Its of a girl that I ran track with in college. I saved this into my inspiration folder:)


Great… I like it!


Funny idea and execution! :smiley:

Either it’s some kind of motionblur or the runner got some hair on the back ;).
Although there are some anatomical phenomenons (e.g. left arm), your style is interesting!

Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Very nice movement


Good eccentric style :eek: but why the sx leg is 20-25% longer than dx leg:sad:?


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