OLM Noise Deformer for Maya 2013


OLM Digital R&D department published on theirOLM Open Tools site some update to their free tools, including a Noise Deformer for Maya up to 2013 version. Noise deformer is like the default one in 3DS Max. You can deform with noise function, textures, paint weight on polygon, subdivision and nurbs surfaces.

You can use it in production, it’s free as free beer. You just need to register with an email address.


Nice will try it right away :slight_smile:

I’m not quite good with cripting, but when I execute command deformer –type noiseDeformer; listed in a help I recieve syntax error, what am I doing wrong ? : /


edit: nevermind


Nice! Thanks for sharing. Btw, is there an English version of your book “Technical Artist Start Kit”?


I tried and it works fine… but there may be some issues.
1- Be sure to have the plugin loaded… but i guess the error would be different
2- DONT do a copy paste from the manual. Type directly. I realized by copy pasting your
“deformer –type noiseDeformer” that it was not deformer -type NoiseDeformer.
There maybe a mix of Japanese encoding that make the “-” kind of weird… so try to retype it


I m sorry but there is no version of Technical artist start kit available in english yet… I guess we should think about it


Some nice stuff there, i might give the oppo tool a go for a project i’m working on.


Yeah, you definitely should! Its sounds like a helpful book.


Oppo tool is not available for download yet. It basically generate loft curves from the trajectory of a locator, adding some fade in/ fade out and convenient scaling, rotation utilities. It may be possible to achieve the same effect without the plugin but will be a little bit slower.


I tried to manually enter code, and I didn’t have any problems regarding syntax error, but nothing happens afterwards, I’m using Maya 2012.


you have to select an object before running the command.
If you object scale is big, you may not be able to see the deformation since the scale of deformation is small by default. So try to select your object and have a look at noise deformer node parameter


Thanks, it’s working great, good job :slight_smile:


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