Oldman, Jin Hee Lee (3D)


Very good!
Brilliant work on the expression.


It is so emotional. Great job!


Just want to say that it is a piece of art, really


Lindo seu trabalho. Nice work.


Really stunning work!
If you make the picture a bit smaller you can’t really say if it is a photo or cg!!!
Nice details, texturing and lightning.


you are really a great artist, I very much like it.


Mind blowing realism! I would have never guessed it’s not a photo! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :eek:


Masterpiece . :thumbsup:


Wow! Looks like a photo.


Amazing :thumbsup:


Awesome Quality Details And Textures!


This is REALLY good!
The composition is gripping.
Only things that kept me from thinking its a photo is the specularity may lack some dry spots and the hair/beard looks a bit to clean.


Wow amazing work!! congrats :beer:


ONE Day I hope I can get to this level. Superb work. You should write a tutorial :slight_smile: x


Really want to know how a person can do such a perfect job… wish u could be my teacher…
i really want to get to that lvl one day…thanks to share ur work


Super cool :buttrock:


oh lordy, thats amazing work


Dude this outstanding. The textures look so realistic, this can easily pass for a real person.


wow, amazing work,I like it


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