Oldman, Jin Hee Lee (3D)


Title: Oldman
Name: Jin Hee Lee
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Here is my latest work.

The base mesh was done in Maya and the details are sculpted in Zbrush.

I used Maya HairSystem and fur for the hairs.

The shading, lighting and fur was finally rendered on Mental Ray.

I hope you like it!


wow!! Just amazing!


The details are great, but I also like how much care you’ve taken in creating an engaging image, not just a successful technical exercise (although I like those too!).


Outstanding job… very impressive and you should be very pleased! This is front page quality


Very impressive and great details. I like the textures so much~! :slight_smile:


Fantastic job!
This photo is definitely not 3D. )))


Dude, just really, really great. Amazing attention to detail. 5* from me. :thumbsup:


That is true there are no failure on the technical point of view but you select also a really interesting subject. Congrats !



masterpiece :thumbsup:


Awesome job. I had the photo you used as reference tucked away in my reference folder for a while, and i still recognized it right away. Very faithful to it. Great. :thumbsup:


This is a photo!
You are very talented!


perfect work!


outstanding work :slight_smile: better than real


wow, amazing work, congratulations :slight_smile:


wow, awesome post, very good result. Congratulations.


Top-notch work all around, the skin shading is phenomenal too! what maps was used for it?! the only thing that can be improved imo is the beard which seems a bit flat.


Wow ! Good work .:thumbsup:


Looks really good, very photoreal


Thank you for the comments!:slight_smile:


nice model and textures.
my only crit here, i miss sss for the skin, would give more depth to it, because i think the skin looks a bit flat.