Old World, Dana Daukshta (2D)


Title: Old World
Name: Dana Daukshta
Country: Latvia
Software: Photoshop

Hello!I have so big inspiration from Cgtalk artworks.Your skills are growing day by day.Thanks for all!That decides me!This is my first matte painting/may be/,but I hope that next will be better. I am waiting for the critique and coments with interest.Thanks!


That is spectacular work! (Wow - there’s been a lot of great matte shots lately!) Did you paint that entirely in Photoshop? However you did it, it’s amazing. So many “places” in this painting - varying texture in the sky and woods, 3 towers, the valley, the waterfall… VERY NICE.


Very good start, for a first matte painting, i remember my first mattes(big shi…)lol,.
Its a good matte BUT attention when you painting rocs,if you add too much cracks on the stones, this adding a not realistic effect, for create good rocs im use differents brush in photoshop+ a layer wit patterns, after im mix the layers, add colors, and for finish the rocs im painting the shadows, lights, and cracks :wink:
very good painting


wow. that is amazing. Very beautiful work.


ok ive seen wayyyyy too many matte paintings today and what is depressing is that all of them are awesome! great atmospheric mood you got there-love the fog. no serious critique that i can give as my skills are not up to yours…but maybe, (dont hunt me down now) the water frm the um…waterfall could be a lil more…blurry towards the end? or maybe its just me. anyways, remarkable piece of work. if this doesnt win a cgtalk award, i can only imagine what kind of high quality work they’re expecting.


That is just gorgeous Inky2! I love the atmosphere you’ve capture its very sad and yet drive me to be more peacefull. I love the tought of a lost civilisation and all that reamins are the decading building. this as just give me a boost of inpiration for my novel, Tank you!!!


defintly a gallery peice, i really like your choice of color, and angles, i love it


Amazing detail and atmosphere. Bravo!!


I agree.
Great detail, nice Texs, nice Illusion of Depth, I like it a lot. :slight_smile:


First of all your painting is absolutely beautiful. Curious, is this based on an actual place or photograph or is this the product of your wonderful imagination? I have seen people describing paintings as “matte”. Can you define the term “matte” for me…as opposed to just a printing method? On the CGtalk I have only seen it used for the grand panoramic paintings. Thanks and we love your work.


wonderful piece!!


Wow! This is an amazing piece of artwork! Such lovely details. The rock texture on the mountains, the pine trees, the fog, the waterfalls, and the castle… Just perfect :slight_smile:


Many thanks for your coments and good words!Yes,Glenn,this is result of my imagination.How can I to exsplane with my poore English the term,matte,?I think,this is chanse for artist to make changes into the Nature and on the canvas only.I was looking long time to the ,matte,of Dusso/wonderful artwork!/ and was so sad.And after I decide to try!


unbelievable work! The level of detail is rediculous! The rocks are gorgeous…its just amazing…


Beautiful… simply beautiful!


Yes it is crazy how perfect that is!!

Every day I come here and see unbelievable work. Can someone, anyone, point me to some artist’s website where they do in detail wip’s? because I want to study ppl’s technique.

my mind is so blown.


Excellent one:thumbsup: the detail is awesome, and there’s really a feel of distance in it.

100% Gallery worthy.


Impressive scene…Excellent atmosphere,idea and compositon…
i like fantasy… :slight_smile:



2d challenge ARTS


wow,wow, wow …amazing piece of work…i like the depth and ambience of the scene…