Old Text Labels for buttons


Hi guys, need a little help.
I have the Pro version of Silo, and just updated it to 2.5.04 today 6th Oct . I noticed that the buttons still have the text labels and not icons that I saw in the "New in Silo 2.5 " promo video on Youtube.

I imagine that it is a settings thing, but, I cannot seem to find it.

How can I get the buttons to become icons as in the video?

Thanks in advance


You can go to Button Settings under the Editors/Options menu. There you can choose and Up Image and Down Image for each button. There aren’t many that come with 2.5 but what there is available can be found in your preferences folder. That can be found under File menu and Reveal Preferences Folder.


Hi Makit3D
Thanks for the reply.

I went to the programme and looked at your suggestion, I changed the Vertex Selection Label to the Vertex Selection image in the folder, but it came in very small so I reverted back to the text label.

Correct me if I am wrong but,
for me to get the interface that I would like I would have to go through all the labels one by one and change them to the icons ?
there isn’t a preset that I can click on (as in the - Color Settings - Preset to change the interface) and the button labels change to icons ?

Thanks in advance


Yes, you would have to do each button at a time. There are presets that have some buttons already mapped with a few icons but most of it is still text.

I still have some of the button configurations made by others from the old forums. You are welcome to them although I do not know if they will cause any issues with 2.5 or other versions.

Silo Buttons

Here are what the three layouts look like:


Orange UI

Aqua 2.2


Hi Makit3d,

I like the look of those layouts and have gone for the Orange UI.

Thanks again


If you open up the button editor, click the preset button at the bottom.

You should see an option for Default, Legacy, Minimal. Default should be the new button style and Legacy what you see now.


Hi Cinnsealach.

I followed your instructions, selected Default and Silo went straight back to the old text labels as in my first image.
I am running Silo 2.5.04 Profesional

Maybe I have a bug.


When you installed Silo 2.5x you should have been asked if you want to update to the new interface. I guess if you chose no then the default option will be what you chose at that point (assuming you were asked!) though the new interface should be in the preset list one would expect. An oversight I guess.
Maybe try reinstalling Silo?


Hi cinnsealach

I think I will just put up with the button preset that I downloaded, I am currently using the Orange preset.
I don’t want to keep wasting everyone’s time on something as trivial as this.
I was never asked about the new interface when I installed Silo, and I just re installed Silo as you suggested and still the same onld text labels.
Thanks for taking the time to help me,
I will just stick to what I have.


Hey foff44,

To fix the text-only issue, the easiest thing might be to open Silo, go to File > Reveal Preferences Folder, and then delete the entire “Preferences” folder you see there. (If you have custom settings saved in there, you should pull them out first, of course, and have them somewhere safe to put back in). Then close and reopen Silo (2.5.04) and it will automatically recreate that folder give you the new UI set.

Also as a note for anyone else reading along – note that the .sip file for the UI is important and tells Silo where to get the images from. A good setup is to have the .sip file next to a folder containing the images for that set. So, for example:

– Presets
---- Button Settings
 ------ OrangeUI.sip
 ------ OrangeUI (folder)

This will give you “OrangeUI” as an option in the Button Settings Presets dropdown, and also not overwrite any existing Button Settings images (by keeping each UI in its own folder within Button Settings).

Then note (depending on the .sip file you get) that you may need to open that .sip file in a text editor and do a full search-and-replace-all on the filepath so it goes to the right place. In the OrangeUI setup I noticed that the SIP file had “/Applications/Silo 2.1 Beta 6-20-2008/Interfaces/OrangeTabs/[imagename]” as part of the filepath – that location doesn’t exist on my system, so all of the images showed up blank. With the setup above, you can change that to simply “OrangeUI/[imagename]” (note no / at the beginning), which will also for universal sharing as long as the folder relationship above is maintained.

If you’d like the edited SIP file/imageset, I put that here: http://nevercenter.com/silo/support/downloads/OrangeUI.zip

:wink: Nice work, everyone, being so helpful! Thanks for letting me put my 2 cents in.



Edit to the above: you may need to go out one level from the folder that File > Reveal Preferences Folder takes you, so you can see a folder called just “2.5”. Delete THAT one instead.



Thanks Nevercenter

I followed your instructions, and all is good now, got the interface that I was after with the icons.

Thanks again