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After lurking here for a while, I thought it was about time to share some of the stuff that I work on.

Recently I started working on a new scene, inspired by some pictures I ran into the other day.

So I started working on a nice little boat. That I sarted to texture. Nothing to fancy yet, just try to get the right feeling.

and some details


since I have a rather busy life, I don’t always have a lot of time to work on this.
But her is a minor update:


love the boat


looking forward to this. boat looks nice :thumbsup:


the boat looks nice, bump is probably a bit to strong - but if it is at some distance to the camera it might well be, that this works well.
Looks like an intersting project!


The planking on the boat isn’t thick enough. On a boat this small, the planks are overlapped slightly, creating a clinker-built hull. Try googling “Wooden Clinker” for more reference.


tnx all.

The texture was just a quick test to see if the mapping was about right (and to show my wife, what i was working on). But thank you for the advice.


Quality stuff. I always wonder how people make the helixal twist on things like rope. How do you make it, care to share? :slight_smile:


either give helix a lot of turns and keep both radius same, or take four cylinders with alot of height segments and attach all into one through poly convert and the apply twist. atleast thats how i tried and got results now.


easy enough:

If you see a typo, please leave me a message, so I can correct it.


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