Old Man Win, Sergey Kolesov (2D)


Title: Old Man Win
Name: Sergey Kolesov
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

Hey, greetings!
Finally I’ve done this work. I think that it would not be very helpfull to describe what it is all about. I just wanted to draw few good men. I’ll be very glad to recieve some crits and comments. Thank you!

Here are some full size pieces-


Impressive work Sergey.

I like your realistic style.


Beautiful work Sergey, once again, You deserve front page.



your detailing is perfect and the concept is beautiful… in all ‘STUNNING’

now i just wish you all the success in life :slight_smile:


Outstanding, skillful and beautifully rendered image here.
You deserve more than the front page.


wow man! from my humble perspective, i see this picture and feel a clear sensation of looking at a masterpiece in every aspect of it! Damn good picture, i think i can not even comment on your skill because they´re way above my understanding.


Wow! Excellent work again Sergey. Very impressive. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Absolutly amazing!! I love everything. All the characters and their expressions are great and the details, textures and clothes are really well done :bowdown:


Impressive work!!:applause:



the details are just amazing,
i love the long haired dude on champ’s left side!!! :):):slight_smile:



Great work!



Thank you very very much!
I really appreciate your comments!

For those who are interested in seeing some wip images - I found some stages.
Long time ago I did one very fast sketch for the challenge-

Some time ago I made up my mind to finish this idea. I didn’t used references. One thing that I’ve made in 3d is-

There were many times of redrawing some parts or characters of the work. For example - hands (there were more variants of it, I didn’t save them)

And here are some wip images (they are too big, shame on me:) )

One more time - thank you for such a kind words!


oh…man,thanks for sharing,this is really amazing. :bowdown:


just faaaaantastic!! :bowdown:


Thanks for sharing man! really great


Peleng, wow, that’s an amazing piece of work. :slight_smile: Congrats on front page! I’m still marvelling at the WIP shots, it’s like watching a magic show. Awesome job!


speechless :surprised

Your skill level is super!
The rendering of skin, and the mix between ultra realistic and caricatural proportions is AWESOME! COngratulations!

A sure Award! :beer:


Amazing work!Digital Repin!


Superb !
thank you for sharing.